Thursday, 3 May 2018

Vietnamese Beauty Minh Nguyen

Here's a quite spectacular Vietnamese model by the name of Minh Nguyen
who I just happened to find on Chua513 Blog, or as the blog owner likes to
call it 'Tiansham Unparalleled Sword of Boy.'  No I don't even know what
that was meant to be translated as. But it looks like they've stuck with that
name for some time.
Of course the blog owner knows his Asian models and they are regularly
spectacular. The only problem with the blog is that practically every image
posted up is the size of a Soccer pitch. And you need patience for the Asian
eye candy to unfold.
But I did discover a way to view the images much quicker and that was to
change my laptop screen settings from 100% down to 50% and then all
becomes clearer.
The weird thing now is that whenever I revisit this blog I'm seeing it still
shrunk down to 50% size as if Windows has made it my viewing

It was only about a year ago I discovered the fastest way to shrink huge
football pitch size images. Apparently many laptops using Windows has
a readily supplied programme called Windows Photo Viewer.
You simply bring up your picture which will open up in Windows Photo
Viewer then you click on the 'Paint' option. And by opening that, another
Window option opens up and you just press 'Resize.'
Discovering what I had all along in my computer has literally saved me
hours when making those very big blog posts.

For more of the gorgeous Minh Nguyen visit......



  1. One of the most stunning Vietnamese models around. I have a great shot of him wearing a red robe that appears to be sliding off his body. It fills the screen on my iMac desktop. Cinemascope come to life, you might say. - Ian

    1. Ian,I think they might fill your local cinema screen. I guess that's what put me off visiting in the past. But at least I can view that blog without any problems now. I guess the blog owner is unsure how to shrink his pictures.

      Yes I love the red robe pictures. In fact they're all on show at the link I've put here. He has a sort of cuteness with amazing eyes along with a bit of manliness. My favourite picture is the top one with the black headband.