Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Yuzuru... He's got the Gif!

Here's a clever picture gif of the gorgeous Yuzuru Hanyu.
I hadn't seen this one until I discovered it on PINTEREST
although I'm familiar with all the images that actually go
back a few years now (Nebelhorn Trophy 2011).
I should think that he'll be keeping his head down a bit after
all that public fan worship last week.

More images of Yuzu on that Pinterest link.

All the latest news and updates for Yuzuru can be found
at Yuzuru fan twitter feed.


  1. I do like the photo where his leg is backwards and high in the air. He looks quite masculine in many of the shots.

  2. Andrew, It is an iconic shot. I keep waiting for someone to come up with an artistic nude drawing or painting doing that very same pose. I do have a photo of an Asian fan posing nude in his bedroom holding that same stretched up leg position. Trouble is it's not Yuzu.

  3. Sigh! The Winter Olympics ice skating. The only sport you'll never see him wearing shorts. - Ian

  4. Ian, Isn't it time we saw some some snaps of Yuzu on holiday in his skimpy beachwear. But that's the price of
    fame, no privacy at all. And we assume he does go on vacation.

  5. Not to beaches in Thailand anyway. - Ian