Thursday, 28 June 2018

Asian Beauties at MaleColor

Above and below are a few of my favourite images from a handy
little source of Asian male images that all come from the pages
at MALECOLOR featuring mainly the magazine pages section.
I particularly like these top images of a model called Nut,
yes a typical Thai name. And that top image is from Brothers
Magazine edition 20.
The two images below are from premiere magazine
Onyx edition One.

Here's an image that keeps popping up online. I'm not sure of his
name but he was photographed by Mart for Arouse Magazine No3.
Oddly enough he doesn't look like your average nude Thai model
but more like a Thai movie star, what with those amazing eyes and
that beautiful clear complexion.
Well what can you say about online phenomenon Babe Ittipon.
I posted up a super big post featuring the very best of his
images HERE last December. And it's still the most searched
for post here on Chrysalism. And if there were Charts for
most popular posts then Babe Ittipon has been the No1 most
popular post here since mid December last year. There's
simply been no competition. Perhaps it might be something
to do with the fact that since last year I've been adding more
images of him into that big post.
And although some of the images come close to Babe revealing
all, it's as if everyone is waiting for the big full frontal nude shot,
the one we're all waiting for.

(Below: Babe from that big post from last year). 


  1. As usual a fine selection. I can't help but laugh at the male magazine called Straight - who is it aimed at. But then again Attitude Thailand always features a section called Straight Men we Love as if they couldn't find enough gay boys in Thailand to photograph. Hah! If you wanted dick shots of Babe, you should have asked me. I'll send an email. Its about as good as you'll get in Thailand. - Ian

  2. Ian, I'm sure that Thai Attitude regularly run a 'Straight Man of the Year' competition posting. How ridiculous.
    Yes, some good ones at MaleColor. 'But' is quite hot. I see from that (now very popular) top image that his friend has everything in hand!

    Thanks for the Babe pics. You sent them to me a while back. But once again Babes aroused monster is only showing through his oily see through garments. Typical!

    1. 'NUT' not 'BUT'.. mind you that but shot isn't bad.

  3. Unfortunately, Thailand isn't Taiwan and Babe doesn't appear in Bluemen, which has just reached the milestone of its 100th issue. Congratulations to them. Seeing Babe's throbbing manhood through flimsy material is the best you'll get and still better than Japan's silly censorship. - Ian

  4. Yes, the pixilations on those Japanese videos (not sure about the magazines...maybe you found out after your recent trip) can be very annoying. Why do they even do that?

    Yes, odd that Bluemen didn't grab Babe as a Studio stud. Maybe they think he's too hunky and not boyishly slim like the other

    Oh this rare heatwave we're having. Seems like it's been going for two weeks now, and another week of it approaching and my fridge has to break down! Gotta get a new one now.