Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Witsarut Paopang in 'Sweet Boy.'

Isn't he the cutest of things! His name is Witsarut Paopang and he
features in a popular Thai drama called 'Sweet Boy.' Although
sadly he only plays a small part in this 2016 drama, a role
in which he plays the camp School classroom queen, someone
that knows the gossip on all the students. He also knows
which of the bigger popular boys like to swing the other way
when there are no girls about.
As a drama 'Sweet Boy' is slow at times and like many Thai
productions you get the feeling that the writers are constantly
being held back by censorship.

The initial story revolves around 'Nack' (Wachirawit Ruangwiwat)
the classroom nerd who falls for another student 'Toy' played
by Palm Raungrong, although it's easy at times to get lost in
vagueness when observing our two main protagonists.

But watching Witsarut (below) is a pleasant distraction.
One can only hope he might at some time get a more juicier
prominent drama role.

Further down below is a trailer video for 'Sweet Boy.'



  1. Yes, it is a pity his role wasn't bigger as I quickly grew tired of the gormless Nack. Like many BL movies or series, this is a vapid confection redeemed only by the boys playing around in next to nothing at a water park. Not surprised it didn't get a wide cinematic release. Some of these works seem to have been based on books written who have little understanding of gay boys and what makes them tick. They seem to spend all their time making eyes at each other with their mouths hanging open in abject stupidity. And they drag everything out til the boys kiss in the last episode.
    Take a look at Together With Me for a more realistic portrayal of a relationship. Hot sex in the first few minutes then one boy goes into denial about being gay and his friend has to convince him otherwise. - Ian

  2. Ian, strange that the writers, or maybe is it the casting couch, made the rather dull Nack the main focus of attention.
    Witsarut should have been given a more prominent role. I'm sure he would have got up to all sorts of mischief.
    And how is it that Nack's obsession 'Toy' suddenly went cold on Nack.

    Just recently saw what was deemed to be the Final episode of 'Advance Bravely' my favourite Asian web drama of 2018.
    The ending was absolutely rediculous. A complete let down. That long wet kiss between the two actors never came. Why do
    so many Drama writer get writers block just as the climatic end approaches.

  3. I feel the same way about Make It Right. It reached a logical climax, and then plodded on for three more episodes.

  4. Baleena* needs to back off on the Gaga Lipstick. Okay for doily dykes but to much frosting on the rice cake. Little gang bang wang better avoid autumn colors. Boys wont know which end to do?

    *queen of the patootie palace