Saturday, 14 July 2018


So that's yet another Gay Pride over. And even though it was possibly the hottest ever weather
for Pride, that didn't make it even better or dare I say even sexier, because it wasn't.
Yes there were more marchers crammed into the Parade but as always there was less
We actually arrived at the gathering point near Oxford Circus at around 11.30 am.
And by 3:45 that afternoon I was back home sipping on a well deserved ice cold drink after
having had a refreshing shower, while still at that time there were many more marchers
and floats trudging their way through the Parade, even up until 5.00pm according to
the Pride website.

And I think that I'm only now beginning to work out that Pride has really just
become something of a Companies works day out in a march now dominated by
company employees with a scattering of a few party boys. How sad it is that many
of the previous party people and colourful sexy floats have been either priced out
or pushed out, floats that truly represented the gay community. And it's a complete
mystery why Jeremy Joseph's gay club Heaven, the most dominant gay club in central
London, a club that has a strangle hold over all others, is not represented in the Parade.

At the start of the Parade there was a fracas when chaos ensued as a group of female
anti-transgender protesters hijacked the front of the Parade demanding that Pride has
no place for the Transgender community. Apparently there was some sympathetic cheers
along with some boos from the nearby watching crowds. And it was the London Mayor
Sadiq Khan along with several NHS workers that were pushed into second place in the
Parade and not a lot was done about it. There wasn't much that could be done.
I sometimes think that Gay Pride Parades in far flung places around the globe,
countries that face hostility and discrimination actually have more relevance.

Interestingly you do wonder what the relevance of having Sadiq Khan as Mayor actually
is. He simply gets told by Central Government to shut down many needed Fire Stations
along with massive cuts to our Police Force, hence the rising crime rate in our Capital.
So what is the point of even having a Mayor. It's just another example of this criminal
Government wasting our money. I personally will never vote for any political Party
that continues to squander our national budget on Foreign Aid, money that should
be spent on our Schools, Hospitals, Roads, Armed Forces, Fire Services and our
struggling Police Force.

(Full story of Pride Parade hijacked HERE).

Activist Peter Tatchell who set up the first London Gay Pride March and has participated in
46 Marches said "In 1972 it was a Carnival March for LGBT human rights. It was political and
fun, without all the restrictions, costs and red tape that is strangling Pride today.
It's time to put liberation back at the heart of Pride; to reclaim it as a political march
with a party atmosphere. No limits on numbers and no motorised floats. This would
dramatically cut costs and bureaucracy, and return Pride to it's roots."

Anyway, below are a few pictures I took in the few hours that we were there.
I can't say I'm too thrilled with them. I was really undecided over several days whether
to even post them up.
And that exhausting Pride Day came after a really busy week last week when I was
laying a new kitchen floor after it got damaged by a slow leaking fridge. I even had
to buy a new fridge so things got quite testing during this current heatwave
what with being without a fridge for almost a week. The few years I worked
in the Building and D.I.Y trade back in the 1990's didn't go to waste.
But as for my new smallish kitchen floor, well that's something I am proud of.

As I write this, the center of our Capital is awash with demonstrations against the
visit of President Donald Trump. And this weekend even more demos are planned.
And I remember reading last month in June, the month of Pride, a tweet put out by
someone from the gay community after Trump, for the second time, failed to
acknowledge Pride month. The tweet went as follows...
"And for the second year in a row we don't acknowledge you as our President."

Oh and we have a Wimbledon Tennis semi-final match between John Isner and
Kevin Anderson that could go on all night at this rate. And commentator John McEnroe
simply cannot stop talking through it. It's looking like the other semi-final between
Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic might have to be played under floodlight and
with the Centre Court roof closed.



  1. Looks and sounds rather dull. And not because of your images. Even before I left Sydney for Thailand, I'd stopped going to Mardi Gras as the life had been drained out if it. I'd still like to check out the Taiwanese parade though. - Ian

    1. Ian, I keep hearing how the Taiwan Gay Pride is the hottest ticket in all of Asia.
      I think it might be held around October. Apparently many outside Asian guys fly in
      especially for that event. And Keung and a few other Bluemen models can be seen there.

  2. There are similar issues as you describe with Sydney's Mardi Gras. Melbourne has fought hard to keep our Pride March community based and not taken over by commercial interests. I don't know what you are talking about with the photos. They are great. The winged lad manages simultaneously to look both masculine and a bit girlie. Nice.

    1. Andrew, I hear that other Prides are going the same way. And yet our Pride committee will once again give themselves a big pat on the back saying that it was bigger and better than ever. I always find that statement annoying. Of course it was bigger. Thats why at 4.00pm I was back home sipping on a cold drink while the back end of the never ending Parade was still rolling into town.
      Yes that winged guy was hot. I think I got about 6 pictures of him. He seemed to be standing in the road (Whitehall) all on his own. I wonder if he got seperated from his flock.
      My favourite was rubber vested boy with the heavy eye make-up.

  3. You still managed to find some awfully pretty faces to photograph, though. I especially liked our be-winged rainbow briefs boy and the very cute young sailer you captured in profile. And yes, I think we could all tell that the "Invincible Rubber" boy was your favorite.

    If I were you, I'd be less worried about how much money is spent by your government on foreign aid - usually negligible amounts in the budgetary scheme of things, and some of it occasionally does some good - and more about how much is spent on war-making, "democracy promotion" and foreign military intervention. The results are generally anti-democratic and disastrous (Iraq, Libya and Syria), never-ending (Afghanistan) and extremely likely to lead to so-called "blowback."

    You remember that France declined to take part in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, I trust (leading to the attempted re-naming of French Fries as "Freedom Fries" here in the US). Eight years later, the new French government was one of the leaders in the NATO bombing campaign against the Gadaffi government in Libya, leading to that country becoming a failed state, and France then doubled down by joining with the US and UK in supporting anti-Assad groups in Syria. Now review Wikipedia's page on terrorist incidents in France. Between 2003 and 2011, there was all of one Islamist-inspired terrorist attack on France. Since 2011, there have been more than 20. A clearer example of blowback I could not imagine. The waves of Central African, Middle Eastern and Afghanistan refugees hitting Europe are also directly the result of US/UK/NATO military intervention in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.

  4. cka2nd, Good of you to visit us here. Yes I suppose Rubber Vest boy was my favourite. He was very friendly with a lovely smile. I imagine he was maybe 19 or 20. So he would have been totally unaware how wild and crazy as well as sexy Gay Prides actually were 20 years ago. And back then after the Parade we would all move off to a big Park open space for even more fun as well as stage entertainment. But they were the years I only videoed them rather than take pictures.
    And in fact I've been making some wonderful video still images from those past Prides. Hoping to post them up soon.
    Strange though how the winged angel boy was a rare sight. I felt lucky to even find him. In the older Prides (1990's onwards) winged angel boys running around in speedos were everywhere.

    But of course I can't quite agree with the Government's obscene Foreign Aid budget. If you were to live here you'd hear of the daily cuts that effect our whole national infrastructure. Every conceivable public service we have is facing constant cutbacks.
    I'm no fan of Trump but I can see just one side of him that appeals to Americans and that is his vision of America first other countries second, ie lets stop the massive imports and produce more of our own goods creating jobs and maybe even upping exports. It will be interesting to see if he is going to win that second term.There's barely any social housing program by this government as they'd prefer to waste money on other things. All I see here all over London is exclusive private unaffordable luxury housing apartment blocks going up everywhere. It's almost criminal that our government can even get away with this. Fire Stations, Post Offices, Emergency Services and most of all our Police Force facing huge cutbacks. Do politicians ever take lessons in Economics before taking up office? They're worse than Undertakers and greedy Estate Agents.

    Yes, when France declined to take part in Iraq Britain seemed only too quick to get involved thanks to the then Prime Minister Tony Blair wanting to cozy up to George Bush. I like many didn't think we should have got involved. And because of Blair's actions his legacy went right down the pan making him one of the most unpopular British politicians despite his impressive record of Election wins.
    And as you said, once France did become involved in the Middle East conflicts, then the inevitable happened.

  5. Lots of color (br:colur)interesting looks. Se a furry. Hope he been fixed.