Sunday, 29 July 2018

Yuzu.... It's a Tight Fit!

Doesn't our favourite Olympic skater Yuzuru Hanyu look
amazing in his revealing black practice outfit. Some fans think
that he should adopt the outfit for his official skating program.
Virtually nothing is hidden! And just like Tom Daley, Yuzu
favours the two 0 clock position as the youtube still below
In the video below you can even see Trainer Brian Orser
admiring those curves, but it's more noticeable in the slow
motion part.
I've never been too keen on some of Yuzu's over the top outfits.
I actually think that a pair of slacks and an uncluttered
shirt is all that is needed to look good.
And you do wonder why so many skaters dress like a
bus-boy, or as they often do, a pantomime Prince.
Even worse is when they dress up as Charlie Chaplin.
It's just been done too many times. But someone forgot
to tell that to Javier Fernandez last season.
I wonder where his life is taking him now that he has

And so the new Figure Skating Season kicks off on October 19th
at The Skate America opening event and Yuzu is down for
two of the planned Grand Prix events. The first one will be
an appearance in Helsinki followed by his entry in The Cup
Of Russia in Moscow.
Perhaps Japanese fans won't be too thrilled as this year he
will bypass the NHK Grand Prix in Japan.
And yet it's hard to believe that once the Skating starts
we'll be back to our Winter and the long dark evenings.
So lets not rush away what is looking like one of our best
Summers in a very long time. 
Below: Youtube upload via 'mutsumixsensei.'
Original credit to @poohzuruhanyu
JUNE 1993 - JULY 2018

Thousands gather to mourn Olympic Skater.


  1. I am reminded of a line from a song, a glimpse of stocking can be quite shocking. Glimpses are always such a tease.

    1. Andrew, And wasn't a flash of a women's ankle back in the Victorian days a rare and slightly shocking sight.
      Those tight outfits never lie.

  2. Now that is NOT Fake News. - Ian