Sunday, 10 November 2019


Although our Autumn can start around the end of September, we don't
actually see the benefits of the seasonal colours until early to mid November.
And so now is the perfect time for a bit of seasonal photography.
And so last Wednesday early in the morning I popped over to our local
Heath on what seemed more like a Winter morning to capture a bit of colour.

I particularly like the top picture above which was taken in the West Heath
part of Hampstead Heath. The break in the trees seems to allow sunbeams to
break through, giving it the look of an enchanted forest. And in the Winter
it can look even more dramatic, especially on frosty mornings.
Also below are a few pictures that I took around the Hampstead Pergola.
Hopefully my next lot of seasonal pictures will feature some Winter snow,
although we don't get it every year.