Monday, 1 May 2017

Deejohn's Picture Archives from Outdoor Festivals and Events

Above and below are a collection of my favourite Street
and Festival photos that I've taken over the last 1o years
or so since the time I first started blogging.
Many of the images featured in several of my previous
The main events attended were mostly London Gay
Pride as well as The London Naked Bike Ride.
There's even a few images going back as far as 2006
when I was lucky enough to get to New York Gay Pride.

Above and below is Youtube sensation Jacob Collier
who back in February won two Grammy Awards
in Los Angeles.
I managed to get these pictures of Jacob at a local
outdoor event to celebrate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee
back in 2012.

Above: Top Brit model and now movie actor Ash Stymest
appeared at MTV's Big Spanish style Tomato throw event
in Central London back in Nov 2010.

Above: Here's a picture I managed to snap of model
Luke Worrall at the Camden Market in early 2007
just before he was discovered and appeared on that
2007 cover of Dazed and Confused magazine.

Above and below is our star player at the London Anti
Pope Rally back in September 2010.

Above: One of the local skaters watching the events at The Newquay
Boardmasters in 2011 down in Cornwall.

Below:  Surfers on Fistral Beach Newquay.
Below: A few more faces from London Gay Pride.

Below: One of the most popular guys at London
Gay Pride 2016.

Above and below... crowds gathered in Downing Street
for the Love Russia Hate Homophobia Rally
back in September 2013.

Below: A few images from The London Naked Bike Ride.

Below: More from London Gay Pride.

Above: The Peter Pan boy who stole the show at New York
Gay Pride back in June 2006.
The pictures were first posted up on my Westasian
blog. He was incredibly popular and after discovering
his pictures on my blog he contacted us for a blog interview.
There was even an idea that Peter might auction off
those famous white briefs that he wore on the day.

Peter's real name is Teddy and he still lives and works
in New Jersey, although now off course he will be
around 30 now. But looking at one of his recent
instagram pages I can see that he still has his boyish
good looks.

Above is 'Thames' who was a leading player with The Thai Dance
Academy who regularly appeared at the annual London Thai
Festival each Summer. These pictures were from 2009.
Above and below: More images of 'Thames' a few years
earlier where he appeared at London Gay Pride 2002
at the ill-fated event at Hackney Marshes.
'Thames' was working for The Thai Yum Yum Bar as a
host while also helping out to promote Thai tourism.
These images were made from stills from my video camera.


  1. GOOD for you to keep photos and comments and info on a separate storage that "the THEY" cannot delete. GOOD for you to remind us of you. Thank you ! Peter Pan esp. 📡 ANNOUNCE TO ALL 👀 👀 SEE PETER PAN THE NON SEX GAYISH GUY 😳 ♂

  2. Leo, I'm glad you like them especially Peter Pan boy. Yes it's a good thing I kept
    the original images. Dee.

  3. GREAT pics Dee

  4. Pete, Good that you liked them. And even a few of Peter who I know you liked.