Friday, 30 June 2017

From Rough Boy to Thai Prince..... Ameen Sirita

Looking quite spectacular above is Thai actor and model Ameen Sirita in an
image by Pongsak Kantamala. And it's not an image that I first recognized
being a regular visitor to Ameen's very busy instagram pages as he does
 like to update it almost daily.
And it's fair to say that that Ameen does like to show off his body. And yet
I do feel strangely drawn to him. Perhaps looking in on someone's daily life
through social network pages makes you feel that you know them through
and through, especially when they capture on camera the most trivial things.

But of course it's nice to see what Ameen gets up to and how he's looking in his
usual attire which is very little. I think we've seen everything of his body, except
for one or two obvious things.
And I suppose the fact that when he takes selfies, there seems to be only him
 in most of the pictures, possibly indicating that he is not attached with
 anyone. Does that then make him seem more available to his admirers?
Do single people instagram more than couples I wonder.

Of course what brought Ameen to our attention, and certainly for me, was his
acting role in the 2015 Thai film 'Father and Son' a film that was not to everyone's
taste due to the unbelievable storyline. I thought it had a sort of 'Groundhog Day'
feel to it. And there was certainly plenty of eye candy to distract you from the
film plot, including Ameen Sirita who has a relationship with a boy and then
proceeds to seduce the boy's Father, not forgetting his sexual dalliance with
local Thai hunk Shira Jeerakulchan. Check out a stunning picture gallery of
Shira HERE. And it was that scene with Ameen and Shira that gave us a brief
eye popping moment that must have surely given the film censors a few problems.

At the bottom of the post is one of several trailers for the film plus a few
film stills posted up on Thai Picpost.

Below: A few images and video film trailer for 'Father and Son.'


  1. Rather nice, but so is the linked Thai hunk.

  2. Andrew, Glad you saw the link. Looks like I missed out on another posting with all those hot images.

  3. If you like a bit of rough, Ameen's your man, - Ian

  4. Dee, that strangely drawn feeling you have of him is called lust

    1. Lust indeed. And how many films have we been interested in just because
      we we're attracted to one of the actors.

    2. How many stars are shining in the sky? How many clouds every day go floating by?