Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Wednesday 7th June

Let us remember ALL of the people who's lives
were so cruelly taken away from their families
and loved ones.

"This is actual proof that music is indeed a universal language.
No words were used and yet my heart was wrenched in emotion."

"This is just so beautiful. I'm out of words."
                                  (Jose De Abreu)

"Like a mathematical mind, the composer is using parts of the brain
that are not easy for most people to access. So to have that access
along with the beauty and poetic nuance that Ryuichi has here,
lets be transported to such wonderful places when listening."
                                                             (Booya Kasha)


  1. Very nice piece by Sakamoto.

  2. Andrew, It is beautiful and probably not for the ears of anyone
    that just happens to be emotionally vulnerable right now.

    But the events of Saturday night made it near impossible
    for me to get back on the computer and continue blogging.