Sunday, 2 July 2017


Well I had originally planned on posting up a huge mega Asian post
but gathering up too many images was all a bit chaotic for my laptop.
So I've decided to stick to a normal regular regime of Asian posts. It'll be
much easier for me.
But one thing I do know is that when I do post them up, the blog statistics
literally burn up with excitement.

Anyway these Asian stunners are from a website called FENTAO. And to
check out more of these guys your starting off page is as follows.....


And to see more of these spectacular guys that I've posted up here
then visit these two  specific pages below. I'm sure they'll turn out
to be everybody's favourite pages. And it seems that the most handsome
Asian guy won that Lightweight Bodybuilding competition in Taiwan.
The images are by PHILO and these are only just a few from many more
 pages on Fentao, of which there are 27 pages in all. So lots to explore
by clicking on to the individual post titles rather than
the small individual thumbnails.


Of course Fentao has more than just bodybuilders. I also found
lots of images of some of our favourite models. Including
an excellent long page of images, some unseen before, of one
of our favourites, Keung, or as he's known at home by the
name of Jiang Hauwen. Although sadly that page with the
most concise collection of Keung images is now only viewable
by members of Fentao. Below are just a few I kept.
But I did find some of those images at a site called
Kundun where more of Keung can be seen from Blueman #49.
Seems like that from here there's a portal to even more images
from one of the top stables of photographers in Taiwan.

Keung @ KUNDUN

Keung's  Facebook page is in my blog links KEUNG FACEBOOK

Above: Edward Yeo and Ng Yin Teng from another page
long gallery of images on Fentao.

For more of them visit HERE

Here's a hot Korean model and one that looks familiar to me
from seeing him on the Korean photo site Alta Club.
We also get to see more of him than we're used to on
the Fentao pages. (Pages no longer active).

Below: Tia Yang by Toino Yang


Below is a recent addition to Bluemen in Taiwan and his name
is Hang Wei Kai, a student as well as a gifted ballet dancer.
And below are a few images of him from the pages of Fentao.
But for the life of me I haven't been able to find them again
even though I went back through their 27 pages.
So at least here's just a few of them.

Latest:  I've just solved the problem of Hang Wei's missing
pictures. They weren't found on Fentao. They're actually
all from THAI PIC POST. So that's where you'll find more
of him.

Below: Hang Wei from a newly discovered gallery at


  1. After choking on my cornflakes this morning, I now realise my day is going to be spent checking out these websites instead of doing more productive work, like getting a Thai massage. (retirement is a bitch folks, don't do it). What I love about the bodybuilders are they are not overblown bulky Hulks but just right, and that they are quite handsome as well. I've never visited Taiwan, so I must rectify that. - Ian

  2. Ian, It must be all my fault for changing your itenary. I knew that Fentao page would distract you. And what about that secret portal page that took you to even more Photoblue pics, some I'd never seen before.

    But you're right about the young bodybuilders. They look just right. But of course we're not to know if they're heading for body dismorphia.

    I had to put this post at the bottom of the page so that the other top two would squeeze in. Guess I'll have to put a picture link to this post at the top of the page in case readers miss this post by not scrolling down far enough.