Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Dutch Beauty!

We seem to be on a bit of a Dutch theme here today. And here's a
model I discovered through other images by Dutch photographer
Koers von Cremer who features in another post further down.

Daan models with Elite in Amsterdam. And this image above
does remind me of those 1990's Calvin Klein Jean promotions.

More of Daan can be seen at ELITE MODELS.



  1. Mess his name up during sex. Complicated?

  2. Well that's the Dutch for you.

    Have you ever tried to read a French blog using Google translator?
    It all comes out as Double Dutch!

  3. Their vocabulary and phonics are complicated. Vongugenheimenwompenhomen is a fat Dutch whore. Not that I would want one. Except the police wouldn't arrest you for being with one because filling out the paper work would take days.