Friday, 10 November 2017

Pretty Faces and Sunken Ships!.... Updated Post

Thanks to Nik for letting us know that this rather captivating model
is in fact FREDDIE KEITH.
In fact there is quite a comprehensive posting on Freddie at VERA'S BLOG.


Oh well it seems like this entire post needs updating and correcting
after I incorrectly wrote off what I thought was yet another sunken vanished blog. 

Apparently LUSTRALBOY is still in fact posting, although nothing since early October.

Apparently you can find their more recent post by clicking not
on their HOMEPAGE but under the category titled FUN at the
top of their page.

Looks like I must be losing my touch. Now where's that Blogger's
Retirement Home?

I did only today realize that VERA put up a big mega Freddie
posting not too long ago but Vera didn't come to my rescue
on this one. And with so few new posts there it does look like
tumblr is sadly drawing him away from blogger.
Here's an amazing image from a once popular blog called LUSTRALBOY, although
sadly they seem to have wound up and finished posting towards the end of last year.
I should know who the model is as he does look quite familiar, but no name has
been given for him.
But one thing I do remember about Lustralboy is that it had and still has one of
the finest collections of the best looking male models online. But I always find it
odd when bloggers simply abandon their blogs like sunken ships with no announcement
of their departure, leaving their regular followers puzzled and guessing.

And with the end of the year fast approaching, it's always that decision time
even for me as to whether to go back around again and blog for another year
once I've signed off for the rest of the year come Christmas week, now only
6 weeks away. Maybe it has something to do with several long time bloggers 

abandoning their sites in preference for Tumblrs, not sure.
There seems to be so few of us original bloggers out there.

For more excellent images at Lustralboy you can still visit the Homepage HERE.


  1. Thanks Dee! I love his face and eyes!

    1. Pete, He certainly is a looker. I wonder if he's Danish or Swedish. Just your type!


  2. The blog is still going. The news and features section might be well out of date, but click on FUN and you will see entries for this year right up until October.And even I can appreciate their beauty. - Ian

    1. Oh you're right there. Yet when you click on HOMEPAGE ... as everyone will, it takes you to their last message post
      dated at the end of last year.
      Gotta say that by concealing their more up to date posts under the word/link "FUN" is a bit out of order.
      I think for that, that they deserved my premature online obituary.

  3. He's Freddie Keith, you silly sausage.

  4. I fear the Bloggers' Retirement Home is overcrowded with a long waiting list. You might have to keep going as you are for a while yet. Then we'll pass the hat fo your walking frame, - Ian

    1. Oh well, can't always get it right. But I was surprised to see the newer posts of that blog buried and concealed.
      You normally find updated posts via the Home page of any blog.