Monday, 27 November 2017

Topless Baking!

Here's a young British Chef that's making waves on his
youtube channel. 25 year old Matt Adlard first came to
my attention when he appeared on a Channel 4 Baking
show. And it was the fact that he always appeared topless
wearing a Chef's apron that got him noticed.

In the video below we see him making a multiple layered
Naked Drip Cake. And it's interesting that like many chefs
he drops all the usual double entendre's with descriptions
like bottom, moist, 7 inches, put it into the hole, edging
as well as rim.
Naturally this was all picked up by Matt's youtube visitors
who are all very complementary on his physique.

Apparently Matt promised his youtube viewers that he would
bake topless without an apron if he ever got 100,000 youtube
subscribers, which of course he does below, having reached his
I wonder if for another 100,000 subscribers he might bake in
just his Calvins!
I do wonder if in the near future he might be offered his own
tv show by one of the big tv companies.



Below: Matt is a guest on Tom Daley's latest youtube video
where we see him making his Christmas Cheesecake.

Above and below is my Christmas cake from last year. It was an already
prepared cake which I iced and decorated.
But I'm just trying to think of something new to make this year,
maybe something a little less saturated in sugar.
Below: My iced Christmas Cake from 2015


  1. No I am no going to make any comments about dripping chocolate all over that delightful torso then licking it off. I WILL be strong. - Ian
    I give up. Okay Tom here I come.

    1. Ian, But of course you did just by saying that.

      Reminds me of the other week when Trump childishly said about the North Korean leader saying "But I'm not going to call him short and fat" when in fact that is exactly what Trump was implying.

      Maybe it's just me but our Tom looked a bit nervously excited by having Matt in his kitchen.

      Are you back home yet?
      Skipped out on another couple of Asian posts!!!!? Tut tut!

  2. Matt could bake me a cake anytime!!!! Thanks Dee

    1. Pete, He is hot. I only discovered his YouTube activity by checking Tom's latest video.

      Call it intuition but I think Tom likes Matt.