Sunday, 19 November 2017

Tumblr Beauty in a Well Lit Place!

Here's an exceptional tumblr which Neil sent me. It certainly is
packed with pages of beauty although the owner doesn't take
the time to name all or any of the amazing beauties on show.
And there's actually quite an interesting source for collectors
of Asian male beauty.


The model above is just one image I picked out for your Sunday viewing.
And of course we don't know who he is. It does look like an agency image.
But what symmetry and beauty all in that one picture.

Thanks to Neil for sending me the link. Of course you might know Neil from
 his popular tumblr SOLITUDE IS PARADOXICAL. And one imagines

that for as long as Trump has the keys to the White House, Neil is going to
be kept very busy on tumblr no matter how many times he gets nuked.


  1. Neil, Sorry Blogger wouldn't let your comment through. Perhaps if you made it shorter it might have come through.

  2. OH YES the boy above IS SO HOT!!! Thanks Dee A Well Lighted Place IS GREAT!! Thanks dor the head's up!!

  3. Pete, He is exceptional looking. Such a beauty. It is a great tumblr. I must remember to put it up on my tumblr links list when I get on to my laptop.