Friday, 22 December 2017

Farewell My Sweet Jonghyun!

Yesterday's videos and images of Jonghyun's funeral are truly heartbreaking.
The former Shinee singer and frontman's departure has created shockwaves
in the world of Koren pop culture.

Jonghyun was the first ever k pop artist I was drawn to back in 2008 when Shinee
burst onto the k pop scene. Of course there was also Jaebum who near that time
sensationally walked out on 2PM. But Jonghyun was always my favourite.
And at times it was clear to see that he single handedly carried the group.
But it's still unclear to me if his early demise was due to his depression over the
constant heavy workload or if it was what we are now hearing that he was
uncomfortable leading a public life, never having that freedom to just go outside
when he wanted.
I notice that in his last instagram farewell video he was unhappy at having to do
his gym workout indoors once again, preferring to do it outdoors.
Several fans were mystified in that final video at why he kept referring to Taemin
and mentioning Taemin's solo career.

I read that Jonghyun was uncomfortable with fame and how it took his life away,
something we mere mortals don't suffer. Which begs the question why he even
entered the world of entertainment.
Are the novices and trainees of the k pop factories even warned about this. Are they
told 'Oh by the way you won't be able to go outside anywhere when you want.'
And yet so many young people today would sell their soul's for fame, little realising what
awaits them on the other side.

I see that today on Arirang UK tv service that all the usual K Pop tv shows are
coming on like nothings happened. The K Pop machine just keeps rolling along.

Above: The other members of Shinee Taemin, Key, Onew and Minho
carry Jonghyun's coffin to the waiting hearse.
The funeral will be a three day event.

Below:  Unable to hold back their reactions are Minho, Taemin
and Seohyun Hyoyeon.


  1. A very moving tribute, especially the clip which is the best of all those I have seen. Jonghyun's comment regarding his gym workout sounds as though he was being stalked by the media or fan girls. The media will cross any boundary to get photos, while some of the fans are seriously unhinged with a tenuous grip on reality. There have been stories of fans causing car crashes as they chase after their idols, one group gate crashed the wedding of a pop star's brother to get photos and autographs, interrupting the cake cutting ceremony, while others stalk relentlessly, even breaking into private apartments and installing CCTV cameras in one boy's parking lot. These people are the real terrorists. - Ian

  2. Ian, A truly sad week, not that you would notice anything different currently on Arirang tv. The fun and frivolity simply continues with barely a mention of this weeks tragedy.

    They said a while ago that G Dragon was possibly having some similar mental and emotional problems. He really is unhappy at having to do his Army conscription service starting next year. It's going to take 2 years out of his career.

    But I just don't understand the kind of pain that Jonghyun was going through. Perhaps he didn't have a partner, another half. Someone to help take the pressure. Are single people more vulnerable because they just don't have anyone to turn to.
    My partner suffered depression twice but I helped him through it.

    I see that Taemin came through the funeral without cracking up. And probably because he cried all his tears on the day before. Maybe there just wasn't any tears left. Just wonder what will happen to Shinee now without their main vocalist and frontman. Will they even continue?

    Two words that really do go together... Pop stars and stalkers.

  3. Conscription is compulsory in Korea although some can postpone it. Maybe army service will do G Dragon the world of good, in that he realises there is a life outside K-Pop. Pop stars having relationships is a no no for these youngsters - it destroys the image of them being single that silly girls who fall in love with them crave. Hurt the image and reduce fan spending. One guy was in his thirties when he finally got married and some fans turned on him like rabid wolves.
    An investigative journalist or two could get some great in depth stories on abuse by managers and the effect it has on the boys, but who would talk and who would print/broadcast it? Negative publicity would get papers, magazines and TV stations banned from any interaction with the bands. And they wouldn't want that, would they? - Ian

  4. Conscription... unlike those corrupt officials in Thailand who will let you buy your way out of it, so I've heard.

    Talking of not letting the k pop boys getting their ends away and having a bit of 'Hows your Father' with those fan girls, or boys, I read that K pop superstar Taeyeong from Exo may be about to marry, or is at least looking into it. And now fans are questioning if he can continue with the group. How odd.

    I'm getting quite a few comments coming in from Leo P. But I cant make out a friggin word he says.I wonder if he's using that useless google translator... just like those Chinese websites, and you can't make any of it out. I wonder if you understand what he's saying.