Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Thai Magazine Beauties at Loon

Hidden away in Thai Loon Magazine are some real beauties.
And the photography each month has a story theme and all
captured beautifully by Eric Loon, or as he's properly known
as Egkaluck Ngamloon.

And these top images featuring models Nanon Kariya and
Adisorn Sujari (Adisorn in top image) featured in the Magazine's
recent Halloween October issue titled My Dear Vampire.

The Magazine has just released it's December issue which
naturally has a festive feel with it's models all named after

And that super new cover can be seen at the bottom of this post.

Lots more images can be seen at the Magazine's Facebook pages.


Below are a couple of images from the September issue which
featured a Hansel & Gretel theme with models Dome & Nanon.


Below is the very handsome and eye catching Earl Nontapak
from the Summer June issue.

Below is the latest new festive edition cover image.


  1. Thailand has more magazines featuring local beauties than I have had hot dinners. And I'm 65. Haven't heard of this one though I don't go looking anymore as I can't keep up. I'll let Dee do the hard yards. :) I like the idea of vampire love bites although the fangs aren't very convincing. Nevermind, I'm sure there is something there to nibble on. - Ian

  2. It must be fun rummaging through all those magazine shops where you are, assuming you have them. Although I guess we mostly want the digital images now. Maybe that obviously affects magazine sales. Perhaps you saw the start of the digital age when running your magazine a while back. I think it was called OG, a wonderful magazine. You might buy one and then have to wait 6 months for the next one.

  3. Still have every copy back home. Can't seem to get rid of them and I can't bring them here. I'd like to think OG evolved into Bluemen. Thirty years ago since issue One came out. Wonder what the models look like now? - Ian

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    1. Thank you Leo for another dose of Double Dutch. So you're still using the google translator.

      Happy new Year.

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