Saturday, 31 March 2018

Ezra in' Kiss Me Softly.'

Here's a charming short film that somehow went right by me when it first came
out back in 2012. It now features as one of several short gay films on Peccadillo's
current collection of coming of age films on Boys on Film 17.

In 'Kiss Me Softly'  17 year old Jasper's life takes a sudden turn when he is kissed by
a friend. And it's that very kiss that gives him just the spark that he needs while
helping him to accept who he really is.
But is his inquisitive as well as backward thinking Father able to accept Jasper's
new revelation?

Of course Ezra's life has moved on a bit and he now finds himself more involved in
the world of modern Ballet, recently performing in the As Palvares controversial
production of 'Giovanni's Club,' an alternative dance art performance that entails
quite a bit of casual nudity, something that Ezra is very comfortable with.
Further down below are a few images from the production.

Below is the short film with Ezra in 'KISS ME SOFTLY.'

Below are a few images of Ezra in the production of
'Giovanni's Club.'


A teaser video featuring Ezra can be seen at Vimeo HERE 

Meanwhile Peccadillo is to release it's very latest BOYS ON FILM and
this time it's number 18,  featuring 10 uplifting gay short dramas.
The actual dvd won't be released until April 23rd but it can
now be pre-ordered through Amazon UK.

What's interesting about number 18 is that it features the long awaited
short film 'An Evening' by Danish Director Soren Green. The 2016 film
is a follow up to the award winning 'An Afternoon' (2014) featuring the
same two actors Ulrik Scmidt and Jakob Ottensten.

In 'An Evening' the two boys, Ulrik and Jakob, share an intimate night
together. And while one of the boys accepts what has happened
between them, the other boy finds it hard to come to terms with his newly
found attraction for the other boy.

At the bottom of the post is the trailer. But as trailers go, this one gives
absolutely nothing away.




  1. Not a bad little film. And enjoyable. I used to buy the Boys on Film series but I quickly discovered the majority of offerings were not entertaining and in some case, quite amateurish. So I gave them up and sort out the better productions on Youtube. - Ian

  2. Ian, Well that's one way of coming out while also humiliating your Father at the same time.

    Yes the choices of short films can be poor some years. But I did pre-order the new one being released later this month.

    Oh I was working on an Asian post then suddenly went down with food poisoning...had a truly horrible night. Should get get back on to it soon.

  3. I've had a couple of those experiences myself. Once after eating at a food stall in ultra clean Singapore, and the other after getting a meal of BBQ chicken and chips from my local takeaway in Sydney. I suppose I should be glad they were dinner and not breakfast so I could be sick at home and not while out and about. Get well soon. Ian

  4. Ian, It has been a long drawn out recovery after several days in bed. Hope to be back soon.