Monday, 30 April 2018


Well if I hadn't looked up skater Yuzuru Hanyu's fan's twitter feed yesterday I wouldn't
have known about the big Street celebrations that took place in Sendai City Japan
last Sunday when Yuzuru was given a thank you victory Parade for his second
Olympic Gold medal win at this year's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.
And for such a big event there was certainly no mention of it on U.K tv.
Perhaps if I had watched NHK News last Sunday I might have caught it. But I just
found it odd that there was no mention of it on ITV or BBC. Perhaps it was really
an internal Japanese news story.

Apparently this time even more people turned out with some settling in the streets
in the early dark morning hours so as to get a good viewing position.

Yuzuru clearly has no problems with all attention, but when the Parade route
narrowed somewhat bringing the fans closer to him, it did look at times like some
of the crowds were bordering on hysteria.
And yet I cant think of one well known person here at home including even our own
Monarch, that could attract such a big public turn out. It just goes to show how
popular Yuzuru is in Japan. And with the Summer Asian Skating Exhibition events

about to start soon it looks like Yuzu will have to take a back seat to allow his
injured ankle to heal. But we do look forward to seeing him in the Autumn for
the start of the next Figure Skating season.

All images come indirectly via Yuzuru Hanyu's fan Twitter Feed.  

Below: A shorter brief video of the Hanyu Victory Parade.


The full and more detailed Victory Parade in Sendai
can be found HERE (39 mins).
It features lots of video footage of Yuzuru close up
on the procession vehicle, something I very much enjoyed
as will many hardened Yuzu fans. 


  1. I think you are being a little unfair on the Beeb and ITV for that matter. The Olympics was two months ago and I assume they covered his double gold win over four years. But to expect them to mention a welcome home parade for someone most people in the UK would never have heard of and have no interest in, I stretching it a bit too far. Had I still been working in Sydney, I would not have shown any film clips of him either. Its just not news.
    But Im glad to see it here with his waving at the crowd like a real queen. - Ian

  2. Ian, Am I ever kind to the BBC? I guess you are looking at it all as someone that worked in tv while I look at it as a fan and admirer.
    But yes maybe Brits don't realize how big Yuzu is back home in Japan. And I think they would find it hard to comprehend why so many people would turn out just to see a skater that won a medal. We tend not to put mere mortals on a pedastals.
    But I wish the Parade had taken place closer to the time of the Olympics.
    And when you think that these kind of events, certainly in the West, were normally held for great events like the Welcome ticker tape Parade for the Apollo 11 crew...Neil Armstrong and co in 1969.
    But I'm pleased for Yuzu. Many would be frightened having to face that many people.