Monday, 14 May 2018

Asian Beauty from Myanmar

Now here's a hot Asian model from Myanmar who I first saw on
the pages of Chua513 blog. Apparently he was the winner of
Mister Global Teen Myanmar back in 2016 which was held in
Bangkok Thailand.
Although there are many images of Min Wai (Min Yuk Lar) on that
mentioned blog, I chose to gather up these wonderful images from the
Facebook page for 'Mister Global Teen Myanmar.'

I think that what first attracted me to Min Wai was seeing those coloured
images at the bottom of this post which were taken by a photographer by
the name of Kansuho. It has to be those amazing eyes as you can even see
in the top black and white image.

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  1. I beat you to it this time. Have all his images on file. The black briefs shown show off his delicious arse. I recommend you check out the facebook images for his dark blue bum huggers. The curve of those cheeks. Faints! - Ian

  2. Ian, Which one's don't appear in your files?

    Dark blue bum huggers??? Did I miss them?
    I wonder if you mean the one's where he's
    wearing the cut off faded jeans.