Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Bank Holiday Monday on The Heath

The recent early May Bank Holiday gave us some record breaking
weather. And it seemed to bring everyone out on to Hampstead Heath.
I don't think that even I have ever seen such huge crowds, particularly
down by the Ponds.
The Men's Pond and sunbathing area (above)  was heaving with crowds
packed in like sardines. In fact it looked to me like at times there
was standing room only.

And seeing so many people out and about, you almost got the
impression that it was an act of defiance by all the sun chasers,
as though they were all saying, well even though it's only
early May, lets make the most of it just in case our
Summer fails to show up again. After all it has happened in the
And what I do remember about that three day Holiday weekend
was that it was sunny with blue skies and not a cloud to be seen
for three whole days. A rare thing indeed.

Below are some pictures I took on that Bank Holiday Monday.

Below: Oh my! Not those awful baggy tent like swimming shorts.
Will we ever see the end of them. More speedos I say!

Now I remember why we call this area in front of The Men's Pond 'The Sardine Patch.'
It looks like they're all having a gay ol' time.

Above and below: Swimmers enjoying The Mixed Bathing Pond.
It was here that we saw a huge long cue of patient bathers waiting to
be allowed entry.

Above: The Men's Pond and Diving platform.
I noticed that they've taken away the floating wooden raft platform
in the middle of the Lake. Sometimes the guys would take advantage
and use it to sunbathe on.
That raft came in handy for me one day as I had an attack of cramp
in the legs. Boy was I relieved to have dragged myself up on there a
few Summer's ago.

Above and below: This is the non swimming Pond situated right next to The
Men's Pond. And a few years ago it was known as The Boating Pond where
you would often see anglers fishing alongside model boat enthusiasts.
In the past we've often settled in this area if The Men's sunbathing area was
too crowded.

Above is the view from the top of Kite Hill looking down towards The Ponds.
In the Winter during rare occasions when we get snow then it's very popular
with snow sledge enthusiasts. And being that it's quite a drop then sledges
can really pick up some speed on the way down.

Above, also from the top of Kite Hill you can see The City of London.
In fact you can just make out St Paul's Cathedral just below The Shard Building.
Hard to believe that St Paul's was once the largest standing structure in all
of London when it was first built and constructed.

Above and below: A few serene Heath locations captured on camera
whilst making our way back home.


  1. I agree about the baggy shorts. They are not at all flattering, and they don't have to be speedos to be flattering. The guys striking a fight pose in black look ok. The two lads in blue balloon shorts would look quite good in something flattering.

    1. Andrew, Whoops! Your reply is further down below.

  2. Is it called the Men's Pond because women aren't allowed? Sounds like a great idea. Having a gay ol time? Isn't that the final line from The Flintstones theme song? - Ian

    1. Ian, That grassy sunbathing area in front of The Men's Pond is generally frequented mostly by gay men, although mixed men use the Pond for swimming.
      Not sure if they still do, but as you pass through the hut and changing area they have an open nude area.
      This often irritates Fathers walking their little boys to the swimming Pond.

      Yes they have a Women's Pond. And not surprisingly it is quite popular with Lesbians.

    2. Ian, You're right. I never realized the last line of The Flintstones.
      When you sing it to yourself it does sound like they're singing "Having a gay ol' time."

  3. Andrew, Those baggy things are awful. It's like the wearer feels the need to cover up their entire midriff...if that's the word.

    Yes those two guys were shadow boxing amongst the many picnickers on top of Kite Hill.
    Will we ever get another Bank Holiday like that again?

  4. Very nice Dee!! Great pics!! I agree about the baggy things!!

    1. Pete, Those baggy things serve one purpose... to cover up!