Monday, 23 July 2018

Brazilian Blonde Beauty

Well if there was ever a perfect example of a Manchild then
surely Brazilian beauty Djefhrey Dessbesell would be just that.
More of him can be found at the photographer's
own tumblr archive pages featuring five photo editorials HERE.

Now why does Huck Finn come to mind? It must be the hat!

There's an excellent page on the model at BEHANCE.

MEN IN VOGUE also has a packed page featuring several
of his editorial images.


  1. 9 out of ten. Pretty nice. The crown tattoo is interesting.

    1. Andrew, He is quite scrumptious. I wonder what the tattoo is all about.
      Of course he'll be three years older now. He was 18 back then.

  2. The tern manchild has been forever tainted by the antics of the inhabitant of the White House, Russian code name Agent Orange. My middle name is Jeffrey but I always felt the spelling was wrong. Now I know what it is. - Ian

    1. Ian, They certainly have some names for Trump. Apparently ones that you wont hear on Fox News are Adolf Twitler,
      Creep Throat and Bratman. How trivial he makes politics with his latest rant by threatening Iran by Twitter.
      I notice that Aussie actor Geoffrey Rush is spelt differently to your middle name.

  3. Have you seen his Facebook page? He's sooooo angelic. His selfies are actually much nicer (and sexier!) than this professional stuff, which all looks a bit gloomy to me.

    The crown is a French crown. Doesn't 'seria' mean '(I) would be' in Spanish?

    1. Pilgrim, I'm glad Djefhrey brought you out of your blogging break.

      The picture you posted up is cute. I just saw a few images on his
      Facebook opening page. They certainly look different. And yet most
      of his modelling pictures are by the same one photographer. Perhaps
      he is occupied studying Law.
      Couldn't find the meaning of the tattoo. And I don't think we've seen
      any French Crowns since The Revolution.
      I've just added in another image of our Brazilian boy!

  4. Replies
    1. Glad you like him. He does seem popular.