Saturday, 14 July 2018

Feeling Blue?

Well my jaws dropped as well when I first saw these spectacular
images. I believe the model's name is 'Blue' and he appears in
Brothers Online Magazine Issue 21.
I'm not sure if these images have yet leaked out onto tumblr
but I found 2 whole pages of his amazing physique over on
TaiSaoZayHa Blog where you can see many more of his mouth
watering images HERE and HERE.
I'm not sure how long they'll be up on that blog as the blog
author has a habit of occasionally removing images at the
photography studios request.
I just know that theses are some of the best Asian male body
images in almost 2 years since we first saw Keung emerge.



  1. He wasn't standing behind the door when they were handed out.

    1. Andrew, He definitely seems like a one-off An extraordinary slim ripped physique.

  2. That's what I love about checking out these magazines. They great looking guys just pop up out of nowhere. This guy is excellent. And the next edition on the Brothers facebook page, twinky March, looks good too. Hope his collection appears on the TaiSaoZayHa Blog. - Ian

    1. Ian, There's quite a gloomy message on Brothers Facebook which was posted yesterday
      regarding this hot model. Seems like someone purchased all the pictures and then
      posted them all up. Now I wonder who that could have been. Perhaps our friend at
      Yes I saw the preview picture of the next Brothers issue model. Just your type.
      But I wonder why so many of the Brothers models wear those round wire glasses.
      I think they're a studio prop.

  3. No sign of them anywhere else yet. The latest model on the Men I Need site is the delectable Know. - Ian

  4. Ian, I don't recognise 'Know.' He's got a crazy belly tattoo. They last posted on Thursday. But what is odd is that at the top of the post they've actually posted up a Brothers copyright notice. Perhaps the blog author doesn't read English and is unaware of it's meaning.