Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Summer Scorchers!

Well I can hardly believe it. We're almost into a third week of a rare British heatwave
with daily temperatures in the high 20's with some days hitting 30c plus.
Just the other day Porthmadog in Wales hit 33c. And yesterday Motherwell Scotland
hit that magic 33c, apparently an all time record.

Naturally all the obligatory health warnings are being sent out. And any day
now we expect to be told of a hose pipe ban. I'm also keeping my beady eye on
the dwindling supplies of bottled drinking water in our local supermarket.

This past week has been domestically tough as last Friday my fridge completely
broke down. I guess we take such appliances for granted. Still a new one is arriving
this Thursday, and just in time for the second half of Wimbledon Tennis along
with the rest of The World Cup from Russia. And if England do crash out then
we usually adopt the Brazilian team in the hope that they make it to the Final.
And watching them getting thrashed by Germany four years ago was a truly
horrible night for their many British fans. It's clearly going to be a different kind
of Final after Germany's shock early exit last week.

Apparently this good weather is to continue so we're hoping to do a trip to the
seaside down on the South Coast this week. And it looks like it's going to be hot
and sticky this Saturday for London Gay Pride.
So it does seem like a good time to post up a few Summer  Scorchers as we often
do around this busy time of the year.


Below is Only Asian Hunks recent June flavour of the month
Nut Watchara. In fact he features on quite a few pages with
many images from his recent Brothers magazine pictorial.
More can be seen HERE.
Below: 'Nut'  via We Love Asian Men.
Below: Blonde beauty Sven Basquait from Bel Ami
More of Sven at 'Desires From Afar' tumblr

Above and below images via Coolboyz Tumblr

Above and below Thai beauty Kridsadatharn Aphisekmongkol
who features on several pages at Only Asian Hunks.
Below: Jason Yau

Above: From Only Asian Hunks is Jason Yau.
There's lots more of him HERE.
And below is my favourite Summer Scorcher straight from
the excellent tumblr pages at Coolboyz Tumblr.

And his name is.....
( Picture Galleries can be found HERE and @EdenGay)

Above and below: Helmut with Jerome Exupery.
Below@ Also via Coolboyz Tumblr


  1. Hot and sticky sounds great to me for London Gay Pride. If you go, enjoy your mini time away. Go Belgium!

    1. Andrew, Hot indeed. And as the Football clashes with Pride then the Police have got
      their work cut out in keeping the two West End crowds separated. Ooh they're gonna hate that.

      No, no trip today, although it was going to be to Hastings as we want to go and see the newly restored
      Pier which got burned down by an arsonist a few years ago. The South Coast weather just happened to
      change today. Never mind, my new Fridge is arriving today, a day early. Hastings for another week very soon.

  2. Nut is indeed a luscious lad and I've seen many images of him and his mate Mali in what can only be described as a hot tub. Talk about friends with benefits. As for your summer weather, stock up on some decent ice cream. Eating it in 30C + heat is better than sex. - Ian

    1. Ian, Nut does seem to be popular right now, Is he about to steal King Babe's crown. Maybe not.
      And there's plenty more of him on that blog Taisaozayha. Jason Lau looks hot. He's definitely not shy
      like most of the others, although there are one or two 'Nut' cock shots at Only Asian Hunks.
      Yes, having cold drinks and fresh milk as well as ice cream is going to be a real novelty after my fridge
      broke down last week. Also it ruined the kitchen floor which I'm now re-doing and updating. Should look good
      by this weekend.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Vera. I see you've temporarily emerged from tumblr!