Friday, 20 July 2018

Taiwan Beauty Yilianboy!

Here's a model I've been meaning to post up for some time now. And he might
look fairly familiar to admirers of the current crop of Asian beauties that come
from Taiwan. He's been a regular face on one of the top Asian male photographers
'Timothy's Photos' pages. Timothy, who's real name is Zhang Yuting, recently
revealed that this spectacular model, who goes by the online name Yilianboy, was
apparently the most popular model at Timothy's in 2017. And the photographer also
revealed that Yilianboy became slightly weary and frightened of all the attention he
was receiving, preferring then at that time of withholding his name online, a name
I've already seen on a couple of websites.

There's no doubt that interest in Yilianboy will suddenly increase once again as he
is the main attraction in a new Photobook called 'Everything' which is released today.
Also in that book is another popular model at Timothy's Photos called Huang Jing.
To help promote the Book, Timothys released a teaser video which I was pleased to
find, and I've posted it up below. In fact I couldn't resist making a few gifs of Yilianboy
who I personally think is one of the most spectacular current Asian models.
It would seem that he is a Swimming Trainer which would of course explain how he
got that amazing slim ripped body.
Now there's one book I wouldn't mind getting my hands on!



This image above of Yilianboy was just posted up a few
hours ago on Timothy's Facebook page, starting the countdown
to the official Photobook release.

Above left: Huang Jing with Yilianboy on the right.


  1. A prime case for printing on good quality paper and in a large format. Good to hold in your hands. But as I found out with OG all those years ago, it's more difficult send the books round the world so the net is more efficient in getting these images to a wider audience. As for Yilianboy, time I learned how to swim. Again! - Ian

  2. Ian, I suppose it's okay if you live in downtown Taipei as I believe the book is available
    in one or two shops. Still you do have your full collection of O.G Magazines, a collection
    worth hanging onto unless someone offers you a King's ransom for them.
    Of course online distribution makes sense but there are some books, like this one, would
    of course be pleasurable to actually own as a hard copy.

    Yilianboy is someone I've seen around since last year and I always meant to eventually do a
    posting on him. But how odd that he didn't enjoy all the newly found attention after his first
    pictures for Timothy's Photos.
    On one of his instagrams he has a lot to say about life, but as always the translations are awful.
    No doubt more images from the book will soon leak out online.