Saturday, 11 August 2018

Jonathan Takes a Dive

Here's a super looking Diver that just grabbed my attention when checking out
sports updates on the BBC this week, not that the BBC has got much sport left.
I couldn't believe that this year they had no Live coverage of The Open Golf.
I guess it must have something to do with the obscene wages they pay their
tv presenters like Gary Lineker as well as the increasing costs they pay out
for what little Live Football they show now.

So who's this new young Diver. Well he's  19 year old Jonathan Suckow from
Geneva Switzerland. And he's been Diving at Columbia University in the U.S
Ivy League.
This past week he turned up for the European Championships Aquatics
 where he partnered Michelle Heimberg in the Synchronised 3m Springboard
Mixed Diving Finals. But there were no medals for this couple as they ended up 5th on
the final scoreboard.
But I couldn't help noticing that most if not all of the female Divers were wearing
some quite daring outfits that were so high cut at the back, that we could clearly
see their butt cheeks. And it begs the question will we soon see the male Divers
wearing a similar design with high cut back speedos? Perhaps not.

Of course missing at these Diving Championships was our very own Tom Daley,
although we did occasionally see him doing some tv work this week and helping
Earlier this week one BBC commentator told us that Tom was injured and would
not be taking part. And they also mentioned that Tom was on Maternity leave.
What I did find odd earlier this year was that when the BBC announced the
news that Tom and Lance were soon going to be Fathers, they used the wording
on tv 'Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black expecting baby boy'  And I couldn't
help thinking that the wording was all wrong. Surely only a female can 'Expect.'
Do we not associate the word Expect as someone actually giving birth, a role
that can only be carried out be a female.

Anyway, below are a few gifs I made of Jonathan and all taken out of
the video below which was first published in 2015.
Below a brief portrait of Diver Jonathan Suckow
and first published by S.I.G in 2015.


  1. Very good looking, I like the combination of western and Asian features. - Ian

    1. Ian, At first glance I actually thought he was Asian. Perhaps he might be part Asian.

  2. Check out his eyes in the video clip about 20 secs in. - Ian

    1. Ian I did notice them. Definitely Asian eyes, but pale Western skin. A bit like those Hong Kong boys
      who must be the palest Asians.