Tuesday, 14 August 2018

My Top 50 Countdown to the Greatest Ever Dance Tunes..... No 50

WMG - on behalf of Capitol Records
As featured on the album - Celebrate Gay Pride
Remixed by Bottom Dollar
Now here's something I've always wanted to do and that is to compile a top 50 rundown
of all my favourite Dance tunes, a golden music era that we'll probably not see the
likes again. Most Dance Music aficionados would probably agree that this genre of
music reached a golden peak around 1993 and 1994, picking up once again around
1999 with the whole explosion of the Ibiza sound with popular Island Clubs like Pacha
and Amnesia. It gave us popular DJ's at the time like Erik Morillo, David Morales,
Judge Jools and probably my all time favourite Danny Rampling who in 1994
moved from Kiss FM to mainstream BBC Radio 1 Saturday nights with his 'Lovegroove
Dance Party Show,' a show that I hardly ever missed. In fact his show was a gauge
in deciding whether to get all dressed up and hit the Clubs with his happy
House tunes still ringing in my ears, and those Clubs usually being Heaven, G.A.Y
and best of all Central Station King's Cross.

One DJ that was a particular favourite was Argentinian Club DJ Ariel. Oooh I had
a terrible crush on him and would often turn up at various venues where he would
be performing, usually places like The Limelight Club. And quite often when taking
a break from dancing I would overlook him in his DJ booth from the above balcony
checking out his loose tracksuit bottoms that looked like they might fall down anytime.
I think Ariel was always aware of all the admiring glances and just occasionally
he would give a quick flash of those latin buttocks proving that he was wearing no
briefs underneath. Oh happy days!

Ariel is famously remembered for his legendary 8 hour DJ set at Bagley's Studios.
He seemed to successfully merge the London Club sound with Latin vibes.
I read that he left London some time ago for new pastures as he became increasingly
disillusioned  with the whole London music scene and the way Clubs are set up.

Although it would appear that Ariel may now be back in London. And after a hedonistic
lifestyle he managed to turn his life around in his late 30's (more info HERE) by
adopting a raw vegan diet. In fact he now runs a Raw Vegan Lifestyle buisness, having
even published several books on the subject. Website HERE.

So what's first in our Classic Club rundown.? Well we start with a classic Club tune
from 1995 called Respect by Judy Cheeks. Of course there are several re-mixed versions
but it's this 'Bottom Dollar Club Mix' that really does it for me. I'm sure it's also the
version played by Danny Rampling on his Lovegroove Dance Party Radio Show.
Judy also had another big Club tune success with 'Reach' in 1994.

Listen out for that classic opening Housey piano intro at 1:30, that point where
many clubbers gave into their shyness and hit that dance floor.  
Above: Ariel, a professional DJ since the age of 15
when he first started out back home in Buenos Aires.

Below: Ariel at his very peak in the early 90's and beautifully
captured by the amazing artist Trademark who produced a
lot of great imagery that was used for gay club poster promotions.

More of Trademark's (Mark Wardel) work can be found on
his Facebook page HERE.


  1. The post of your memories of old music and djs has rekindled some of my memories of earlier times.

    1. Andrew, Just hearing this tune once again the other evening brought me out of a lackluster Saturday night,
      hence the idea of a music list rundown. You're right, these happy tunes bring so many happy memories flooding
      But a Club outing is now imminent. Hopefully before I get off to Cornwall in a few weeks.

  2. I've read where the original R.E.S.P.E.C.T singer Aretha Franklin is gravely ill. Hope she make a full recovery. - Ian

    1. Ian, Yes we heard about it. She looks barely recognizable now, having lost a lot of weight.
      Oddly enough, even before the bad news, I had become a bit obsessed all this Summer with a song
      by Aretha. It featured right at the end of Spike Lee's film 'Malcolm X.' And it comes on right
      at the end of the film as the end titles are rolling up and people start to leave the theatre.
      But from what I read, much of the audience returned to their seats, completely in awe of this tune
      she belted out.
      It was called 'Someday We'll All Be Free.' And for many in the audience it caused quite an emotional
      reaction which I can well believe. She also performed it Live at Bill (I did not have sex with Monica)
      Clinton's Innauguration Concert in Washington.