Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Both Tumblr AND Youtube in Meltdown!

Thanks to Neil for warning me about the news at Tumblr who announced yesterday
that as from December 19th 2018 that the tumblr community guidlines will
be drastically changing and that NO more adult content will be allowed
on any tumblrs.
So by my reckoning are we saying that about 70% of tumblrs will simply
vanish and be deleted in a couple of weeks? Perhaps I should prepare to
delete my entire tumblr link list on this blog.

Are we just going backwards with yet more internet censorship? And as if
there aren't enough current online internet problems, we're now hearing of
a new meltdown at Youtube where the European Parliament want's to pass
an act called Article 13 which could see millions of youtube videos being blocked
by The E.U and thousands of youtube creators will simply not be allowed to
upload their videos and be given the opportunity to get known as so many have.

Below is a video with Matt at Youtube Creators who explains more about
ARTICLE 13.   

Below: Article 13 explained by Matt at Youtube Creators.


  1. I suspect tumblr will lose so much money that it will be forced to recant. Money always wins in the end. And how much money do the porn sites bring in? - Ian

    1. Ian, It reminds me of that recent episode when the Chinese Government were going to shut down all the gay content on Weibo.
      Perhaps Tumblr will have a re-think.

      Neil seems to be going out with all guns blazing by saturating his tumblr with even more smut and filth, just to get back at them. Reminds me of the final scenes in 'Butch Cassidy.'

    2. Money is the motivator. Version bought Tumblr. They're going to flip it soon just as they did Flickr (messed that up too). Cleaning out all the porn was #1. They wont loose a penny kicking us out. We didn't click the ads. People posted thousands of negative comments if the ad was foolish to leave that option open. Great fun to read. Tumblr has been the target of conservative christian righteous. Angered by the sinful images that made their dicks hard. Even with the adult filter and tagging post with #nsfw didn't appease them. Child porn was rampant. Prostitution of all kinds. As was bestiality boldly tossed into view when you lease expected it. Tumblr didn't care about zoophilia and scat? Guess they have a strong Lobbyist in government? Explains a lot of what is going on in Washington. An important distinction is neither of those sexual acts are against the law. SO with all this lovely subject matter fresh in your minds, you can see why Version want's to purge the hard drive. Can't sell it if it's dirty.

    3. Neil, I must have got the date wrong. Maybe D Day is 17th not 19th.
      Yes we're once again going backwards with censorship...again. Our moral climates do seem to fluctuate. Although the Conservative right wing Christians are not as clean and holy as they try to be. The world is a contradictory place. We are all sexual animals with physical desires no matter who we are or how high we are.
      Sexual images online will always be with us no matter how hard the so called do-gooders try to sweep it under the carpet.
      And even if Tumblr did eventually vanish, something else would come along and take it's place.

    4. According to Pope Gregory, Mary Magdalene was a whore. The church has tried to cover that one up since the 6th century. Even modern day Pope Francis almost forgave gays and let them in the church until he could hear

      Speaking of JC: I missed an important date. Easter—April 1, 2018 this year was on April Fools Day. I have to set my event calendar on my cell phone. So little to do. So much time to do it.

      Tumblr claims Art will not be blocked. Fine line between Art and Porn. The decider is genitalia. If you see it, it's porn. Works with women. Their junk is on the inside. Men are out of options. Tumblr added a "no lady nipple" clause. Now anything that even looks like a lady bumps is being posted massively from fire hydrants to pig under bellies. I posted a male hard on that was painted in gold. I tagged it #art. Tumble didn't mark it porn. Next: Put frames around BDSM images and see what happens. Tag #bdsm-art. Just keep poking the bees nest.

  2. @Dee : Flesh Guns Blazing. I posted my christmas porn and valentines porn I had in reserve. Wouldn't be seen if I didn't post it. I want to reach 3000 post before Dec16. Under the advice of the larger blog owners, they ask everyone to post our "perverti intensément intéressé" in great volume. Clog the system. Straight people too. Before the 17th comes delete you blog. It will show a great number decrease in membership to the perspective buyers. Also all the post tend to linger after you've deactivated. The smut will live on after we all have gone. Next everyone descend on tumblr twitter feed. Bitch up a storm. Its all public record. They can delete it but people will re-post and that will live on. The news media will be late to the party. Maybe january one might talk about it. Depending on the agency they could praise the purge or scorn it. 64k members on the one tumblr I follow all agree to execute the orders.

    Tumblr blogs wont be deleted by tumblr. Just banished to private. All your dirty underwear can stay in seclusion. Members only can see it. That's the theory so far. How do you get members if the search bar has a filter built in? Sound like a slow death to me. Many wonder when the political blogs will face the same fate? Social media censorship is the new norm. Advertising is what pays for social media. If the free swimming pool is toxic what advertisers will put money in it. The free pony ride is over. They shot the nag.