Saturday, 12 January 2019

Cosplay Hottie Tom

Cosplay hottie Tom Kiryu shows us what he can do on his backyard
pole from one of his many videos. And for me it's got to be that
sexy wiggle he does at the end of the video that gets my juices flowing.
So naturally I had to make a gif out of it.
And what with Tom constantly reminding us that he finds it hard
to make ends meet, could he perhaps not earn a few bucks pole dancing
professionally in a Club or Bar?  He can certainly do things on a pole
that even professional pole dancers might struggle to achieve.

Thanks to Neil for converting the original mp4 so that
I could make these gifs.


Below: Tom as he appeared in his rather saucy Christmas picture (left).
And next to it on the right are some outtake pictures that Tom
has posted up on his Patreon page, although he has decided to switch
that page to 18+ as a precaution as he now believes some of the
images to be a bit suggestive.  Mmmnn, very tempting!
I wonder who got to be the lucky one to unwrap Tom of his
red ribbons!


  1. cosplay / cosporn both work for me

  2. Neil, Cosporn... I like that. Only you would think that one up.
    Tom looks great here.

    Yeah... we might be heading for a Winter Hibernation. Just you showing
    up here on with 4 great posts. I'll give it a bit longer.
    Gonna work on the side banners this evening. Needs a bit of downsizing.

  3. Cute. Not sure how I missed him at the time.