Monday, 7 January 2019


Here's a Norwegian model by the name of Jakob Landvik. And I've
featured him several times on previous blogs when he first broke into
modeling at the young age of sixteen. And being curious to see what
he's been up to these days, well he still does a bit of modeling now and then.
But his time is mostly taken up by fashion photography.
And much of his work has featured in several familiar sounding
online magazine publications.

Below here and Jakob features in a rather gorgeous video that came
out in 2016 and went right by me. And in the video he becomes the
center of attention for artist Nils Bech's 2016 song 'Glimpse of Hope.'
Of course I couldn't resist making a gif (below) from that video.

More images of Jakob below taken from his busy instagram page.


Below are a few stills I made from a short video that Jakob
made while he was 'Hungover, hot and bored.'
It's not to be missed as he looks wonderful in it.



  1. Yes, he is adorable! He's kind of a blonde opposite of "Zaratustra", a gorgeous dark haired beauty.

  2. "Zaratustra" is the name of the long dark haired lad in the Gay film "Tentaciones". Apparently it is the only film he has been featured in. No other info. But like Jakob, he also is georgeous.

    1. Rimmi, Yes I had forgotten all about Spanish boy 'Zaratustra' who set up his own little Production video company
      but hasn't really been seen online in a while. In fact I just watched 'Tentaciones.' It was up on Pornhub but titled
      as 'Avsexy Angel in Barcelona.' He certainly looks spectacular with his long lean body and long hair, just like Jakob.

      And yet another Nordic beauty that possibly looks even more like Jakob is Brian Helweg-Larsen who features in a much
      sought after underground film called 'The Experiencer' (1977). I just have a few copied bits of it on a dvd (copied from
      vhs). It was only shown once on late night tv. It was filmed over 7 yrs as the boy grows up to about 18. Quite a bold
      film with nudity. A sort of experimental film.

  3. Looks like the lead singer from the 90's boy band Hanson. Mmmbop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop. They started when Bieber was still in diapers. Unlike Bieber, Hanson is still performing.

    1. Mmmn I remember Mmbop.

      I hear that one of them has a child that looks just like the original ones from back then.

  4. First sentence of your story looked to start a limerick. " Norwegian boy model named Jakob. Popularity at sixteen no hiccup. For the trade magazines. Pants came down to his knees. I'll skip the rest before Dee gets upset."

  5. Neil, Reminds me of another limerick.

    There was an old lady from Leeds who swallowed a packet of seeds...

    Can't remember the rest of it!

    1. In less than an hour.
      Her tits were in flower.
      And her arse was covered in weeds.

    2. Neil, I would never normally laugh out loud first thing in the morning. And very few would.
      But you just broke a long standing tradition. Hilarious!

      It's just like something out of a Spike Milligan book who wrote some funny Rhymes and Riddles.

  6. DEE Jakob makes me want to go to Norway NOW!!! THANKS