Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Jay Julio

It's amazing to think that just over 10 years ago when blogs were in their
early days, that it wasn't always easy to find good online images of
Asian males. But now of course 10 years on and we're spoilt for choice
thanks to social media and the emergence of some excellent Asian
male photographers like the studios of  Bluemen, Kissman Photo,
Justin Hsieh and Timothy's Photos. And even more
interesting is that all these Studios are based in Taiwan, proving that
guys from Taiwan are indeed special to admirers of handsome Asian males.

So who do we have here? Well he's 23 yr old Jay Julio from Taiwan. And he's
a Dancer and a model. And last year he appeared in a short film called
'Way Out' alongside another beauty from Taiwan, Anderson Cheng. (video below).

The top photos here were taken by Justin Hsieh shortly after Jay
Graduated from University. And I wonder who's idea it was for Jay
to go nude in those images!

More images of Jay can be seen on his instagrams....


Below:  Jay Julio with Anderson Cheng in a short BL Drama
from 2017 called 'Way Out.'


  1. For once I am ahead of you with Jay's photos. But I agree that some of the best photographers are in Taiwan and a few in China itself. I haven't visited Taiwan but I think I will late this year for the Pride Parade.
    Sadly the Freddie Niem blog featured in your last overload has been deleted by tumblr. Not hidden from view, but completely wiped out. Even though there was no nudity or sex and even though tumblr promised the content would not be deleted and an appeal could be made. Bastards! - Ian

  2. Ian, You're probably ahead on Jay's photos here as they've been up online for a while. Just never got
    round to posting him up.

    Hopefully you might get to go to Taiwan Gay Pride next October. You'll be sure to see quite a few familiar
    online faces, particularly the ones we like. They can never resist Pride.

    Yes it's all change at Tumblr. Many simply stopped posting in protest. But then that way Tumblr wins out.