Saturday, 12 January 2019

More of Leo

Above & below:  More of the amazing Leo by French
photographer Lulu Delafalaise.
My original post from last week can be seen HERE.

All of Leo's images can be seen HERE.



  1. DEE THANKS!! Leo is so hot

  2. I love his skinny arse in those yellow trunks. As you know KN5 got purged, I said that would be it but I have to have something to do with my morning coffee, so give a go if you fancy it. It's hard to get up any real enthusiasm with most of my old friends either gone or given up. I have looked at other platforms but it's difficult to avoid the gash on them and I can't cope with that first thing in the morning. Hope you and yours are well. Nik

    1. Thanks Nik. Didn't realize you were still tumbling after No5 got nuked.
      I've put your new one in the tumblr links plus there's a picture link
      in the side banner.
      Hope you're keeping well and busy.