Monday, 30 August 2021

Elaine Loses it Again....& Things Going Badly Down Under.

'Know someone who's having an off day? Then share this
with them and they'll soon cheer up. I cry laughing
everytime I hear this.  ( Youtuber - Pumpkin One )


Well there's certainly been nothing much to laugh about this past week. But one man
who has been entertaining us on Youtube since March last year is Alex from 'The Voice of Reason.'
He seems to have an opinion on everything. And last week he put out two videos on how things
are going badly down under in Australia.

And despite travelling down to London for the day on Sunday for another crowd gathering
he still managed to put out 10 videos then rushed back home up to Nottingham for his  2 hour
weekly Sunday night Live phone-in show. I don't know where he gets his energy from.
He even has some up and coming Live Theatre Stage Shows planned in the next few weeks

Alex once worked for the BBC for quite a few years but it all ended badly and he's been
fighting them ever since. He's like a one man army, taking on his nemesis, the BBC and the
lefty woke establishment. Of course I don't agree with everything he says. And on some
given days he's literally skating on thin ice with his opinions. But when he's on form he makes
us laugh with his smutty innuendo style humour like in the video 'Down Under Slammer'  (at 5:30)
saying that he wouldn't want to visit Australia for all the tea in China... followed by a reference
to tv and Radio workaholic Vanessa Feltz, which made me literally spit my tea out laughing.
And yet Alex has quite a following down under in Australia who regularly send him encouragement
with his ongoing daily battles.

Anyway, the video at the top is of course Elaine Paige having yet another meltdown on her
Sunday lunchtime Radio Show. Now there's a lady who always cheers me up.

Friday, 13 August 2021

A Summer Building Project

Here's a little Summer project that's been keeping me occupied this last few weeks.
I recently gathered up a few discarded wooden pallets and used the timber to make a large
wooden plant trough/container as well as a housing frame for our dustbins.
Normally this time of the year I can be found in our back garden as our Garden Flat
tenants have been away in Europe this past six weeks and still haven't returned.
But this year I decided to put all my energy into some work at the front and side of the house,
thereby giving up my routine pleasures of working in the back garden.

Below is some of the timber, once I managed to prize it away from the pallet frames. 

Above: Using some of that timber I managed to create this large plant container.

Below:  The large container has now been sanded down and painted blue,
not forgetting the plastic lining to protect it.

The plant container is finally put into place at the side of the house where our dustbins
used to be. And so now the bins are on the other side and well away from the front floor

Above:  Rather than packing out the container with Summer colour, I thought I'd fill
it with some Ivy, Box Hedge and some Hebe, the very kind of plants that will thrive
throughout the Autumn and Winter.

And so off to the Mill Hill Garden Centre for a few plants and some inspiration.

Below:  Once in Mill Hill I couldn't resist another visit to the Village Pond.

Above: Down by the side of the Pond I was lucky to get this close-up shot of a
Common Blue Damselfly.

Above: Fields near the entrance of the Garden Centre.

Below is the entrance of the Garden Centre, or as it's officially called,  The Finchley
Nurseries and Pond Life.

The Finchley Nurseries covers quite an area outdoors as well as indoors and has
a phenomenal range of plants including some that I haven't been able to find in
other places.

Below: Lots and lots of Lavender. More Lavender than anyone could possibly want.

Above:  After long searches in other places I finally found some Mint plants.
So I bought half a dozen.

Once back home I planted all the Mints into a hanging basket. Something anyone can
do, even if you only have a small balcony, preferably using the floppy hanging type of Mints.

Above right and below is the result of planting a stone from an Avocado fruit.
This plant is now a foot high and growing.

Above:  Our Summer Petunias.

Below:  Looking out of my top floor window, I don't think I've ever seen so much
Virginia Creeper Vine growing all over the place. It's absolutely rampant this Summer.
And below all this growth in my neighbour's garden is their garden shed. And it is completely
And I realized why just recently. It's all down to the fact that last Summer, that neighbour
had their 20 year old Leylandii tree chopped down. And so the Virginia Creeper,
or Boston Ivy, is now getting the full sun all day.

And in just a matter of a few weeks these green leaves will turn into a wonderful
deep Autumn red. I can't wait to see it.