Tuesday, 19 January 2021

World Leaders to Gather in West Cornwall

I thought I was seeing things when I first saw this news headline on the Cornwall Live page.
But yes, our world leaders are to gather in Carbis Bay St Ives this coming June (11th-13) for the
World G7 Summit to discuss Global issues, World debt as well as Climate changes. It's also likely to be
President Elect Biden's first visit to our shores as President. And doubtless it will be a much friendlier
gathering without the presence of a certain headline grabbing individual.

And with the news that the Summit will put the popular County in the spotlight, there has been mixed
reactions from locals, with many concerned about the cost of the Security budget, the road blocks
along with the added influx of tourists keen to visit during the Summit.
One local resident remarked that Carbis Bay has always been a well kept secret and would have
preferred it had stayed that way.

Apparently the talks will take place at the 100 year old Carbis Bay Hotel which once dominantly
overlooked the Beach, although the World leaders will all be staying at the nearby Tregenna Castle Hotel
which overlooks St Ives.

Carbis Bay Beach is indeed a clean sandy Beach with beautiful clear sea waters, and I've yet
to see the brand new Beach side holiday complex. It was still under construction on my last visit.

The only times I've stopped by this beautiful Beach is when out and about on the South West Coast Path,
usually returning from Porthkidney Beach around the next Cove and heading back to St Ives.

More on the Summit gathering at CORNWALL LIVE 

Above: Carbis Bay Beach with St Ives Harbour in the distance.

Above: The Beach at Carbis Bay

Above:  Porthminster Beach St Ives

Above:  The original Sunset House in 2018

I was pleased to recently discover that the former and much mentioned Council house overlooking
Porthmeor Beach has in fact been demolished and replaced by a new more modern building.

It was only by watching a youtube by a local enthusiast on one of their regular cycles that I noticed
that the old house had been replaced, with work starting in 2019.
The house which looks finished is now owned by a Mr & Mrs Taylor who plan to live there.
And although the original asking price was £625,000, the new owners put in a winning 
bid of £1,440,000 to secure ownership.

Personally I couldn't think of a better place to build my dream home, with wonderful views over 
Porthmeor Surf Beach along with those spectacular evening sunsets. The original name for the 
previous building was after all called Sunset House.

Some might say that the new house's dark outer exterior might look a bit harsh, but in a change to the
original design plans it appears that they have added on some light stained wood panelling which gives it
the look of a coastal chalet.

( with image gallery )

Above:  The architect's original illustration of the new home showing
the side facing out to sea.

Below:  The new building during construction last year.

Below:  This is the exact unobstructed view our new residents
will be seeing a lot of as the house looks directly out on to
Clodgy Point and Porthmeor Surf Beach.

A recent survey carried out by property website Rightmove named St Ives
in Cornwall as the happiest place to live in Great Britain. And that's something
I wouldn't dispute as St Ives and West Cornwall would be my first choice of
location if the opportunity to move there ever arose.

More than 21,000 people took part in the survey and not surprisingly it was 
Coastal dwellers that felt happiest with where they lived.


Monday, 16 November 2020

Saturday, 14 November 2020

Trump....Slowly Succumbing to Defeat.

Above:  The Capitol Building during my last visit to Washington D.C in 2006.

Advisors close to President Donald Trump have been coming out of the woodwork to admit that their
wounded leader is finally coming to terms with his Election defeat, although he seems unprepared to
admit it publicly. But perhaps a slip of the tongue gave out a hint that he might not be around early
next year when the new vaccines are allocated, something he revealed at yesterday's first press 
conference since his Election defeat.

And although Trump was one of the few Presidents to lose the popular vote twice, I was astounded
to learn that over 70 million Americans voted for him. This of course made me realize something 
that writer and satirist Andy Borowitz spouted out when he said.....

"Stopping Trump is a short-term solution. The long-term solution-and it will be more difficult-is fixing the
educational system that has created so many people ignorant enough to vote for for Trump."    ANDY BOROWITZ

Of course we're not all enthralled at the prospect of placing 77 year old Joe Biden at the political helm. 
But then perhaps the American public, the sensible ones, wanted to see the return of the normal political
establishment, something badly needed during these difficult times where the current sitting President
has been nothing but divisive while showing no leadership during the worst pandemic in our lifetime.

January 20th 2021 is not a date that Donald Trump is looking forward to, the day of Biden's
Inauguration. I'm sure he'd rather be out on the golf course on that very day.

Above:  Hopefully this scenario might not now take place.

The White House - Washington D.C.   2006.

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Autumnul Hampstead

It seems to be an annual tradition that I visit The Heath every early November in order
to capture some Autumn colours. And so these are the results of my early morning visit
last Wednesday morning before heading out to The Tower of London, as well as another
visit yesterday morning on Saturday.

Above:  The Men's Pond Hampstead Heath

Above and below are a few shots of The Ponds

Moving further into Hampstead Heath I arrived at Kite Hill
by Parliament Hill Fields, giving some great views of the
surrounding Heath areas. And for an early Saturday morning
as well as being our third day of Lockdown, it seemed 
surprisingly busy.

From the top of Kite Hill the City skyline appears shrouded
in early morning mist.

Above and below are a few homes and cottages near Keats Grove
and Downshire Hill.


Above and below is The Coffee Shop in a Telephone Booth
situated in The Village High Street.

Above:  Hampstead Village High Street.