Sunday, 26 August 2018

A Summer Project Almost Completed

This Summer I've been building and decorating my flat. So many things
needed updating and repairing. But my main project was in
creating a guest room for the occasional visitor, but more especially 

for that rare occasion when someone might want
to stay over.

And what a tough job it was clearing out what was just a little
clothes and store cupboard. Quite a bit of plaster came away
from the damaged walls and so they needed a coat of cement
in parts,  followed by a layer of plaster filler. And those hot
Summer weeks we recently had didn't help much as it can
get quite warm on our top floor here. The U.K is not quite yet
an air con Nation.

And as I stand back and look at it I can hardly believe it.
I feel that I've gained an extra room in my flat.
Of course when I first moved into this Flat it was one big open
space which I divided up, creating that little room as well as a
kitchen area.
And so below are the results of all the work. 

The bed which I ordered through Amazon can be folded away when not in use.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Madonna The Material Girl Turns 60

So Madonna the Material Girl and Queen of Pop turns 60 today. Where has the time gone.
She's been a pioneering as well as controversial artist spanning four decades.
And as many of the morning papers have said today, just for her sheer longevity then
this landmark day is surely worth celebrating.

She's been hailed in many quarters as being the most successful female performing
musical artist of all time.  Born on August 16th 1958 she also shares her birth date with
her male counterpart Elvis Presley, considered to be the most popular male musical
artist of all time who passed away on August 16th 1977, 41 years ago today.

You do imagine that turning 60 today was not a date that Madonna was particularly
looking forward to, being an artist in an age conscious line of work. She's already stated
that she has issues with critics that often bring up the subject of ageism. Perhaps she can
gain some comfort from Cher who at the age of 72 defies all her critics by still looking fabulous
despite her critics over at The National Enquirer who just a year ago kept telling us that
she was on her death bed.

So what do we have here below? Well I've put together some images and gifs from my
favourite Madonna concert tour, The Girlie Show from 1993, a tour that gave us some of
the most beautiful group of backing dancers, not to mention a fine selection of new tunes
as well as several hits from her back catalogue.

At the bottom of this post is a video that was part of The Girlie Show featuring two of her
hot dancers performing Fever, that well known classic originally performed by Peggy Lee.

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   M A D G E