Tuesday, 25 December 2018



So I got this Winter furry hat among my presents this Christmas morning.
 I think I'm going to need it come January and February.

And so it's Christmas already and time for that traditional end of year post.
And over five days during December I headed off  to the usual festive tourist traps
around our Capital.
And this year for a change we made a visit to The Winter Wonderland in
Hyde Park, a venue that has become so much bigger than when it first started out.
In fact it was like a maze as you navigated your way around. I don't think
I've seen such a big scale fun fair like this one in a long time. I would
certainly recommend it to those that haven't been. There's even a giant
Rollercoaster, something you don't normally see at a temporary British
Fair ground site.
Another surprise was seeing the lights in Carnaby Street where they have
made an improved effort this year. The Street is festooned with overhead
neon lit words from that classic Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody as a tribute
to the band. And even Brian May and Roger Taylor came to switch on those
lights back in October.

And so lots of photos below of a very festive London as we

sign off  here for now.



And just look who happens to live directly opposite The Shard building.
Yes, our very own Tom Daley and his partner Lance, who as
always go way over the top when it comes to their annual
festive decorations. And if you're ever round that way opposite
 The Shard then just look up and you're sure to see them.
Perhaps they'll soon become a fixture on the London tourist map.

Below is a video of Tom and Lance decorating the flat for Christmas.
But first they have to retrieve the decorations from under their bed
where according to Tom, other battery operated appliances are kept!
It's not easy is it to keep domestic secrets when you splash your
life all over Youtube.


  1. I had already seen many photos of London't Christmas decoration efforts, including Carnaby Street, but your photos are just beautiful. What's the word they use up in your north? Lavish.

  2. Andrew, glad you like them. It was fun running around over those five days, although our visit to
    the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland was our coldest day out. Couldn't wait to get back home.
    And Covent Garden was impressive as always. It also has the best tree in London. And of course
    Carnaby Street was a big surprise with all those neon lights. I'm sure you recognized the front of
    the London Transport Museum shop and Cafe in Covent Garden.

    Happy Christmas to you and R. Looks like you're having some very unfestive weather down there.
    (Melbourne this Thursday might reach 36c...phew!)

  3. Furry hat? Hmm Next year we must insist on a shot of you in your skintight thermal underwear - just for fun. 36C in Melbourne? Come on, that's not hot. Not even 100F on the old scale. We real men from Queensland know what hot is. 40C + to start with. Melbourne boys must be sissies.
    As usual an excellent selection of Christmassy London and while I sat in my air-con room in Pattaya, you were suffering on my behalf. I appreciate it. - Ian

    1. Ian, 36c not hot! I think it reached that during our Summer heatwave. But as for cold weather
      at Christmas, we wouldn't have it any other way. Does your Air Con ever break down?
      That might test your manliness. I think a Christmas in Pattaya would be a very strange experience.

  4. Great photos!! Your Verdi portrait looks wonderful as does the whole room. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2019, Dee!

    1. Hi Tim, Yes the room and seasonal pictures went up a bit late this year as I wanted to
      add in a few last minute pictures.
      Hope you had a relaxing Christmas. Perhaps you had your Art Class today. It sounds interesting.
      Yes I'm quite proud of my fireplace painting of The Maestro and I haven't forgotten about the
      pictures of the Rembrandt painting.

  5. How do you find the time to trot all over London taking snaps?

    1. Ian, I think I started at the beginning of December with The Hampstead Village Festival.
      But I only popped out once or twice a week over the month.
      Hopefully when early retirement officially arrives then I might get out even more.
      Happy New Year to you and everyone in The Gunshine State.