Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Classic Cars Gather in St John's Wood High Street

Converging on St John's Wood High Street on Sunday was an extraordinary collection
of vintage and classic cars. Apparently this annual event is now in to it's sixth year with it's
sole intention of raising money for The St John's Hospice.
And as I wandered around looking over some of these classic road gems I was
occasionally reminded by one or two fanatics just how expensive some of the
exhibits were now worth, and the word millions kept popping up.
And one of the vintage former racing cars on display apparently belonged to
Nick Mason, he of Pink Floyd. And for a minimum fee of £25 you could actually
sit in it and have your photo taken.
Among the exhibits as well as several vintage Rolls Royces there was a couple of
classic 1950/60's American cars. And the one I was instantly drawn to
was the Blue Mercury Chevrolet (above). But the strangest looking car was the
one that looked like one of the Red Arrow jets (below). And being a family day
out, it was the one exhibit that kept children fascinated.

Still, Sunday's visit made up for missing out on going to The Kings Cross Vintage
Car Boot Festival back in April where there were more of those big vintage
classic 1950's American cars, although naturally the owners are quite protective
of their vintage vehicles and don't usually let the general public get too close
to what is their pride and joy.
I can just see me... wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt, a pack of Marlboroughs
tucked high up in my sleeve with slicked back hair, and sitting behind the wheel
of a 1950's Chevvy. What a great picture that would make. Still, we can all but dream!  


  1. Lol at you being a 60s groover. I was so disappointed to not see such large cars on the streets of New York. They must be a bit problematic to drive in the narrow streets of London.

    1. Andrew, Those big beasts can be so beautifully wide. And yes, I was also disappointed on my first visit to New York in 2000 not to see such big cars, especially the newer yellow taxis which are now much more cramped and smaller.

  2. I can just see me... wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt, a pack of Marlboroughs tucked high up in my sleeve with slicked back hair.
    A James Dean Rebel fantasy? Or more of a Marlon Brando Wild One? Cant imagine you in those leathers though. - Ian

  3. Well I did try a leather outfit once (on a late night on The Heath). Unfortunately I seemed to attract all the much older
    leather Queens, while the twinks (for once) completely ignored me. They tend not to associate with leather and the leather
    I wonder why leather is for older guys. But I enjoyed the way I was all decked out. Back then (mid/late 1990's) I suppose it
    was unusual to see a younger looking guy wearing all that. I guess those older guys saw me as a leather twink!