Saturday, 1 December 2018

Canary Wharf... A City Emerging.

It seems like only a few years ago that the Canary Wharf Tower was the only tall standing 
building in the area known as The Isle of Dogs in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. But
today it's surrounded by more accompanying structures that form what's now known as our
main Financial District in London. And yet the whole area is still evolving with yet more new

buildings currently under construction.

The area around the Wharf Tower also known as One Canada Square was first completed in
1991 and it's 50 floors still makes it the second highest building in the U.K with The Shard being
the tallest.
And yet this whole area of London was new to me until yesterday. And to get there by the Tube,
I had to get off the Northern Line and take my first ride on the DLR, the Docklands Light
Railway. I had worked out that to get the best views of the towers 

that I would need to take the DLR across the River and get off at Cutty Sark
 for Greenwich, which worked out just right. Although looking up Wikipedia's 
official picture of the Towers (HERE) I realized that I could have
walked further up the side of The Thames for an even better view.

Below: a few pictures taken from across the River just a few feet away
from the famous dry docked Cutty Sark.

Above: looking further up The Thames towards the Shard and it's light beam.

Below: The Cutty Sark.


  1. For once, an area of London I am familiar with. The skyline certainly gives London a big city look.

    1. Andrew, I remember when you visited us a couple of years ago. I also remember you visiting the areas
      by The Docklands, rather than some of the usual tourist traps.

      But you know, passing through Canary Wharf was quite a revelation. The Station alone reminded me of
      Paddington. It's like a City within a City. And I just caught sight of the main Central open Plaza
      area where I believe there is by now, an Ice Rink.

  2. I was going to suggest, when I saw this new entry, that you should include a link to your autumn Asian Overload, which I had assumed would by now have been pushed over to page 2. I thought after all your hard work the link would give late visitors the opportunity to catch up. Not necessary though. - Ian

    1. Ian, I was almost prepared for the Overload post to vanish to page 2. So I was amazed that it managed
      to stay up on page one. I guess that by the next post then it will be gone. So my best bet is to make
      several teaser banners at the side of the main posts.
      I remember a regular visitor from Taiwan telling me how he missed the Spring Asian Overload after not
      visiting for a while. So these things do happen. So I'd better make several link banners.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Tim. Glad you finally made it. Yes the Wharf area was all new to me. Got a bit chilly
      though while hanging around for the light to fade.

      Yes I did make it to The Gainsborough Exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery on Friday
      just before visiting Canary Wharf. Sadly they didn't allow photography in that room. But I
      did take lots of photos in some of the other Galleries, i.e The Tudors, The Stuarts and
      the Rooms with some wonderful 18th Century paintings. I think it cost about £15 to get in.
      Not quite like your favourite The National Gallery which is of course free entry.

      Will certainly post up my photos from my Friday visit very soon.