Sunday, 15 October 2017

ThisBandUK Performing in Portobello Road

On Saturday I took another stroll down Portobello Road on a freakishly warm mid
October day. And just as I was about to exit The Market I came across this very
talented new but unsigned band called ThisBandUK.  And they comprise of two
very talented Brazilian born twins Lourenco and Tomas Amorim. And every now
and then their Portuguese Father Lorenzo would join in with a bit of percussion and
vocal backing.

And making up the foursome is Bassist Elea.
It was as I was about to leave the Market I suddenly heard the strains of Pink Floyd's
'Comfortably Numb' that drew me to what I thought was a CD and Vinyl stall. But no,
I came across a small crowd watching this little band performing one of their several
Pink Floyd covers.
Clearly influenced by their Father Lorenzo's excellent taste in music, the boys clearly
appreciate all of those great Rock legends from that golden age of music that gave
us Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, just to mention a few.
Luckily I just caught the end of their act with their last number plus an encore
of Comfortably Numb which I managed to video with my phone, although it does
end rather abruptly. That video is below here.

The boys along with their Father and bassist Elea have appeared around
many of London's tourist spots including Brick Lane, Portobello Road, Brixton
as well as Oxford Circus. Several of of their videos can be seen on their Facebook


Lourenco Amorim - Main Vocals and Guitar
Tomas Amorim - Drums and Percussion
Elea - Bass Guitar
Lorenzo Amorim - Percussion and Vocal Backing



  1. Not bad. They certainly attract a crowd. It is always interesting to watch who donates and often surprising.

  2. Andrew, Yes it was a bit of a surprise suddenly seeing them just as I was about to leave.

    Belated Birthday wishes for the other day. And of course my condolences for the big one.

  3. Dee, you responsible for that shag stamp on the left boys neck?

    1. Neil, Definitely not me!

      Your tumbler is back on the blog list here. I accidentally deleted them all
      the other day.
      Yep that gif I sent you looks good. You do relish your skirmishes with tumblr.
      No doubt they'll tag it soon.

  4. Of course not Neil. Don't you recognise a mosquito bite when you see one? - Ian

    1. Oh yes. I remember those. Our Governor closed down the labs studying the pests staying ahead of virus carried by them. The mosquito's mutated into Flying Barracuda. Truthfully, He cut nearly $1 million from mosquito control and closed down the state’s mosquito research lab a few years ago. Surprise, the Zika Virus showed up. The virus causes birth defects in babies born to some infected pregnant women, including microscopically, where babies are born with underdeveloped heads and brain damage. 2000+ people confirmed infected including 300 pregnant women. Saved a million bucks.