Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Feeling Cozy?

I must have spent a good hour last night going over this beautiful tumblr
called Autumn Cozy. And the images on these pages just remind you of how 
spectacular this season is.
The author of the tumblr is quite obsessional about this time of the year,
even going to great lengths to change her name to Autumn Iris Indie.

It would seem that images of  Summer, many people's favourite season, holds
very little interest to this Canadian blogger. She is so absolutely obsessed with
Autumn, so it fills every month and every page of this beautiful tumblr.

And these amazingly visual pages go right the way back to August 2011 when
it started off with more of a Winter theme. And yet I must have discovered these
wonderful pages at just the right time as it was a distinctly chilly evening
last night.

So if you like Fall colours, warm jumpers, cozy reading corners, cake and
pumpkin spice lattes as well as warm fireplaces, then this is a tumblr for you.



  1. Very warm and cozy but not for this tropical boy. I'd like to go to Japan in autumn, its spectacular, but I dislike travelling in cold weather and all the heavy warm clothing needed. Too much trouble. Soft spring or summer breezes are better. - Ian

  2. Ian, I don't think you've ever liked the colder weather. I guess that even back home on the Gold Coast it never
    really gets cold like it might further South in Melbourne.
    Thailand's heat would be too much for me. They tell me it's always very hot there in Summertime. And then in the
    tourist season (Oct-April) when it's a bit cooler, then it's just plain hot.

    Thanks for the Japan Autumn pics. They look similar to images of New England's Fall. I visited there once (Sept) but just
    too early for the Autumn colours. My favourite season??? Hard to say. Maybe Spring or Autumn and maybe Winter if it snows.

    I suspect you'd be a barrel of laughs if we ever went on a skiing holiday!

  3. Very nice Dee! I like autumn Would love it even better if I were autumn cozy with Zander!!! Thanks

    1. Hi Pete, You probably get some nice Falls up there in North America.

      Oh you and Zander all cozy by the fire. Sounds nice. But maybe Troy
      would get a little bit jealous haha!