Sunday, 14 May 2017

Chasing Gothic!

Now why does this house look menacingly like the house in the famous
Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho. I passed it last week on my way to have a look
around the nearby Stephen's House and Gardens in East Finchley North London.

And last Thursday we had some quite spectacular early Summer weather in the
South of England.  So you might ask why all these pictures indicate a brooding
oncoming storm.
And that's because when I got back home I couldn't wait to run the pictures through
my photo program and give them that dark and gothic look. It seems to make
them look more interesting than the sunny blue sky versions that  I got from that
The Grounds were given over to the public for leisure use back in 1918 by the
Stephens family. And there's even a Castle Fortress in the grounds but unfortunately
it was closed off to the public. So I hope to get a look at it once they've finished
the building repairs.
But most of all I love that dinky little Princess tower by the Grounds entrance.
Hoping to have another look in there during the Summer.   



  1. I can imagine Errol Flynn engaging in a spectacular sword fight on the battlements. A quick thrust through a villain's black heart and he's rescued the handsome prince. Oops -- wrong fairy tale. - Ian

  2. Ian, The grounds and settings was quite a surprise to find recently. And yet the little Tower and Castle ruins are almost right by the roadside so you cant miss them. In fact about a year ago the Tower and the building below it was apparently a public teahouse.

    But I like that dark brooding effect. I might use again when I get around to visiting London's famous Highgate Cemetery where Karl Marx was buried. What did he once say..."All Property is Theft."

  3. Lovely images Dee. If only southwest florida had a history like what surround you. Nothing left standing here for more than five years. What we lack in buildings and public land we make up for in historic objects. Millions of old people come here for the final chapter of their lives. They bring mementos and furniture from deep in the past. When they pass on the family gives most all of it away to thrift shops. You can build a lovely collection of your own here. Just to tossed back into circulation when you die.

  4. Neil, I've heard that Florida is the place to go for many retired folk. And I think your State figures in the final moments when the Elections come around.
    Well I certainly wouldn't mind having a look around those thrift shops.

    But yes some of our old buildings go back quite a way. There's a pub in Cornwall that dates back to 1312. I guess it's such a strong structure as it's all built using blocks of granite.

    But sure, I do like the black & white/sepia shots. And the colour versions are bad either.

    1. .."Neil, I've heard that Florida is the place to go for many retired folk."...

      We are nicknamed Heavens Waiting Room.

  5. Indeed, spooky after such treatment. It's a large place for somewhere not far from the centre of London.

  6. Andrew, Well it's good to have you back. I was wondering when you were going to send out a search party for me when I vanished. But I realize we all have busy lives. I only say that because I believe you're my longest follower... going back to 2007/8.

    But yes I was surprised to find these buildings in North London, and right by the roadside. Also in that little Park there was a bench with a metal sculpture of Comedian Spike Milligan who was apparently a local celebrity.
    Couldn't photograph it as there was a family of kids climbing all over it.

    Oh I've just inserted a colour picture of The Tower.