Sunday, 19 November 2017

Bonfire Night and Fireworks!

Held a little late this year was a local firework display at one of the local Hampstead
Schools on what must have been one of our first cold evenings.
Even my fingers felt cold to the bone after hanging around while there was a
delayed technical start to set things off. But at least it's one local event that's still
going strongly. We were hoping that it would be arranged for Saturday 4th November.
Instead it was held a week later on Saturday 11th.

And looking at my local Ham & High newspaper I was thrilled to read that our very own
once annual Hampstead Christmas Fair and Light switch on is back on this year after the
event got so big that no sponsors were brave enough to take it on. So that should be
something to look forward to in a couple of weeks. Lets hope it wont be too cold wet and windy
like in 2015 when several of the canvas Christmas food stalls were partly blown down.
Yes folks I'm afraid that Christmas once again started very early here in the UK. And once
Bonfire Night was out of the way things literally kicked off on Monday 6th November with
the early Christmas store sales and blanket tv coverage of festive commercials and several
Christmas tv movie and music channels. I wonder if we'll be plain burnt out by the time it
really arrives.

Above and below are a few pictures as well as a few gifs I made after filming a few bits on my phone.


  1. The still photo on the far right looks great.

    1. Yes, I like that one as well. Should have made it bigger.

  2. How are kids supposed to 'remember remember the fifth of November' if they don't hold it on that day? Speaking of the Gunpowder plot, when you see the rubbish collection of vile self serving politicians there today, I'm surprised no one has tried again. - Ian

    1. Ian, Schools and Councils can be so fussy when these dates come around. And just because the 5th fell on a Sunday we had to go round another whole week. I'd have been happy if it was held on Saturday 4th as they don't seem to like Sunday as an event.
      They do the same with London's big St Patrick's Day event, often holding it a week late when everyone's forgotten about it.

      Oh those politicians. Don't get me started. Our London Mayor has just personally sanctioned the closing down of vital Capital Police Stations to save millions of pounds so that we can send (waste) on International Foreign Financial Aid.
      It makes my blood boil.

      As someone recently said "All Politicians Are Criminals."

  3. Nice Dee We start this week Thursday with Thanksgiving let it begin!! LOL I agree with you no the politicans Same here Don't get me started on Trump!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pete, Sadly Trump's emerging and succeeding at winning the Presidency was all down to a large portion of voters that (like me) had nothing but contempt for the political establishment and decided on a change. Will Trump make those changes that he promised? We've yet to see.
    I only know that by watching the Presidential Debates with Hilary Clinton that I discovered Trump's flawed character. He behaved childishly and extremely rude like a spoilt child.

    For many Americans he must be a bad dream. No doubt we'll get lots of funny Trump Turkey images over the next few days.

    Anyway Happy Holidays. Enjoy yourself in whatever you do. I know how Holiday time can be a bad time for many of us when our families start firing those same prying questions at us.