Monday, 1 May 2017


Late last Summer I was thrilled to be back in St Ives Cornwall, my favourite
part of the County. Unfortunately we couldn't find the one cottage property
for our whole stay so we had to split our time in two different properties.
We liked the second property so much more than the first one so we've
already booked for another stay there later this year in 2017.

St Ives can be so different to somewhere like Newquay. And being in the
Western part of the County it acts as a sort of gateway to many popular
tourist traps in the area, the most popular one being access for day trips
to The Isles of Scilly. But alas we weren't so lucky with the weather last
year. And when we did finally plan to go on our final Thursday I seemed
to go down with a bit of a cold.  But at least it was good to get back there
last Summer after a three year gap. And as always I'll be looking forward
to this year's visit later this Summer. Hopefully we'll try again for
that day trip to The Scilly Isles just 28 miles from the mainland.

Below are some of the photos I snapped while staying in St Ives.

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