Thursday, 6 June 2019

My Little Stay Over Room

I was recently thrilled to have an old friend stay over and use my recently
built guest room. A small space that was really just somewhere to hang
my clothes until it got overcrowded with junk and other things that
needed storing away.
And I suppose that by having him stay over for a couple of nights
it probably helped to kill of the ghost of last September when I had someone
stay over and it didn't quite work out. A strange old time that left me
baffled and confused.
Odd though because when my friend left he mentioned something about
registering my little room with Airbnb. Well that's probably not
practical as I actually live in the flat.

I do wish though that I had an extra little room like this about fifteen years ago
when living a more active social life, because around that time my flat
was a hub of activity with friends coming and going, as well as crashing out on
my floor barely a few feet away from me in bed.
And boy am I a light sleeper. So I was never comfortable about that.

Below are a few pictures I took of the room as I was preparing it for
my recent visitor.

Above: The bed all folded up and covered while not in use.
Below: Pictures of  the building of the little room from last Summer.
I had to pack away quite a bit of cement and plaster to those
damaged walls.
Below: The small room from back in Christmas 2007
when I first started blogging, and I created a sort of mini theatre Christmas display featuring my china collection of Snowmen. 


  1. It looks very cosy. Maybe free up some space for guests by removing the books at the bedside.

    1. Andrew, That little side locker does get in the way a bit. But it's main purpose
      is to stand the side lamp on. Perhaps a standing lamp might be the thing to get.

  2. Chatubate has a airbnb category? Still can't see the web cam. Your so talented.

    1. Neil, Only you would have brought that up. Haha!
      I think I was trying to avoid the Chaturbate Studio look, where they try to make it look like the user is at home.

    2. They are not at home but in a studio?

    3. Andrew, Yes,that's what we were saying and how the studio owners try to make us think that the chaturbaters are at home, when we know they are not.