Wednesday, 18 July 2018

And The Summer Rolls On!

And so our warm Summer just keeps rolling along. I think we must be into
a fifth week of our so called heatwave. Our Rivers are starting to dry up
and the North of England will be the first place for the hose pipe bans.

Above and below are some pictures of our local Pergola in Hampstead which

is looking more colourful with more roses up than I've ever seen before.
And it's in this particular spot in these pictures that seems to be attracting all
the photographers, be it for young lovers as well as professional commercial

Below are a few of our evening sunsets that seem to be showing
up almost every evening thanks to all this warm Summer weather.
I'm still hoping to take advantage of all this sunshine with a
weekend visit to our South Coast.


  1. Sunsets like that are seen in Australia, but not weeks on end.

  2. Andrew, Yes they almost seem to appear every evening due to the good weather.
    And for some reason quite a few others captured that big sun image just above.
    And I thought oh that looks just like my image. It even showed up on the evening
    tv weather forecast.