Monday, 30 July 2018

All That Jass!

Above and below in these top three images is SAGE model
Jass Reemann captured by the very talented French photographer
Quentin de Ladelune, who's work I've featured HERE before.

Below: Jass for Vanity Teen.

Above: Jass Reemann who features in a fashion photo spread
for Tallinn Boys during Paris Fashion Week earlier
this year.
More images can be seen HERE.
Images are by Alexandre Chagnon.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

MARU... Lee Jae Jun....Still Shockingly Beautiful!

Above and below is the amazing Maru, or as he's known by his
real name, Lee Jae Jun. He was of course the pin up boy from
the now disbanded k-pop outfit C-Clown (2012-2015), a group
who's premature demise left many k-pop fans shocked.
Amazingly Maru joined C-Clown in 2012 aged only 14 and
he barely looks any different today. In fact many including
myself couldn't believe he was only 14 at that time as he looked
just as tall and big as the rest of the C-Clown members.

And so when the group broke up in 2015 Maru was nowhere
to be seen for at least a couple of years, recently emerging
in a hip-hop duo called 'Trei'  with Chae Changhyun. Although
it would seem that they are now a trio as they've been joined
by Kim Jae Tun.

Below they can be seen in a behind the scenes video shoot
for their recent song 'Nike.' And you do wonder if by calling
it 'Nike' they were perhaps shrewdly after a tv commercial
spot. Some k-pop forum fans have been throwing up ideas for
their next video with suggestions like Addidas, Puma etc.

Interestingly I've not seen the boys of 'Trei' showing up on any
of the K-Pop tv shows that we now get in the U.K on
Arirang TV HD (Skt tv 522). From what I can see, most of
the three big shows, 'Simply K-Pop,' 'Pops in Seoul,' and 'After
School Club' have not given the boys any exposure. And yet
those three shows are often seen as testing ground for new
rookie K-Pop groups.
Last Friday's 'Simply K-Pop' show was a particularly good show
with some quite beautiful performers with the likes of 'Varsity,'
'Target,' (7 quite cute Asian twinks) and the rather gorgeous
'My Teen.'
Towards the end a female artist by the name of Gyeong Ree
came on to perform a song called Blue Moon. But what was interesting
was that she had a backing group of male dancers that were
very pretty but outrageously camp. There was no disguising
which side their bread was buttered on. And there
was I believing that Korean society seems to scorn blatant male
femininity on tv or in public, something more excepted in
Thailand and other parts of Asia.

Below: The beautiful Maru and Trei.


Above: Now a threesome, TREI  featuring (left) Kim Jae Tun, (center) Maru-Lee Jae Jun
and (right) Chae Chang Hyun. 

Maru gifs created by Angel Dongyoon

Below: A slightly awkward moment when Chang Hyun tries
to undo Maru's loosely buttoned shirt. And not being a
gym bunny, Maru wants to keep that slim unripped torso
under wraps.
You do imagine Maru with a ripping torso would elevate
him to new heights. And it would certainly encourage him
to go shirtless and bury his ongoing body shyness.
Below: A behind the scenes video of the making of the Nike video.

Yuzu.... It's a Tight Fit!

Doesn't our favourite Olympic skater Yuzuru Hanyu look
amazing in his revealing black practice outfit. Some fans think
that he should adopt the outfit for his official skating program.
Virtually nothing is hidden! And just like Tom Daley, Yuzu
favours the two 0 clock position as the youtube still below
In the video below you can even see Trainer Brian Orser
admiring those curves, but it's more noticeable in the slow
motion part.
I've never been too keen on some of Yuzu's over the top outfits.
I actually think that a pair of slacks and an uncluttered
shirt is all that is needed to look good.
And you do wonder why so many skaters dress like a
bus-boy, or as they often do, a pantomime Prince.
Even worse is when they dress up as Charlie Chaplin.
It's just been done too many times. But someone forgot
to tell that to Javier Fernandez last season.
I wonder where his life is taking him now that he has

And so the new Figure Skating Season kicks off on October 19th
at The Skate America opening event and Yuzu is down for
two of the planned Grand Prix events. The first one will be
an appearance in Helsinki followed by his entry in The Cup
Of Russia in Moscow.
Perhaps Japanese fans won't be too thrilled as this year he
will bypass the NHK Grand Prix in Japan.
And yet it's hard to believe that once the Skating starts
we'll be back to our Winter and the long dark evenings.
So lets not rush away what is looking like one of our best
Summers in a very long time. 
Below: Youtube upload via 'mutsumixsensei.'
Original credit to @poohzuruhanyu
JUNE 1993 - JULY 2018

Thousands gather to mourn Olympic Skater.

Sunday 29th July

So this hot weather here in the U.K has finally cooled down
giving us all some kind of respite plus of course lots of rain
and flooding.
Even our house here took quite a while to cool down.
Just coming in from the shops yesterday our front hallway
entrance was still containing heat that has built up over the
last few weeks. And they say that the warm weather will
return next week.

But something that frustrates many Londoners is why in 2018
we simply don't seem to have the technology to keep our London
Underground cool at the height of Summer. And the worst Tube
Line as everyone will tell you is The Central Line. In a London
heatwave the Central line is pure Hell!  Okay so I made up
the picture below, but I'm surprised travellers don't vandalize
Station signs on this Line.
And yet every other few years London Underground tell us
that they might have a solution but nothing ever comes out
of it.
Last week while travelling about on the Tube I risked a
section of the Central Line and I saw several commuters carrying
digital thermometers and taking pictures of the readings,
no doubt for their twatter and Fussbook pages.
In fact several of the pictures can be seen online.
Here's one below.

Above: Writer Simon Usbourne who's thermometer is
almost hitting the 40 degree mark. And yet that carriage
he's in looks almost empty.

Apparently when the Underground tunnels were built back
in the 19th Century there was barely any space left to create
any sort of ventilation, and perhaps even less space on The
Central line as it seems to be the most affected route.

Here's an image above that was ironically taken on The

Central line. And you do wonder if it might soon become a
common sight.


I do wonder though why we can't have air con trains like they
do on the New York Subway. When I was there I found the
actual Station platforms steaming hot, but the trains were
like fridges on wheels and really cool and refreshing.
In fact once when I was heading Downtown to Battery Park
I jumped on a packed train but then moved to the next carriage
that was completely empty. A lady with a heavy New Jersey
accent beckoned me to leave the empty carriage and move
to the packed out one next door. And when I asked her why,
she said 'That carriage is empty because the air con is broken
in that part of the train.'
So I said 'Oh I'll be fine here. I'm from London. We're used to it.'
Below: Well there are similarities between our London Shard
and The Transamerica Building in San Francisco. And

going through my photo files I've always wanted to put the
two images side by side.
The Shard image is one I took around late 2016. And The
Transamerica Building was taken recently by San Francisco
resident and photographer BIRON.

Most of the South of England's grassy areas as well as all the gardens
that I can see from my Flat window are all distinctly parched and
looking very much a straw colour due to the heatwave.
And  the warm weather seems to have affected some of our Canals.
In the above picture of the Canal in Maida Vale West London, the water
seems fairly clean and clear. But I'm told now by someone who lives near
that Canal that the water surface is completely covered by a thick green
layer of algae.