Sunday, 29 July 2018

Sunday 29th July

So this hot weather here in the U.K has finally cooled down
giving us all some kind of respite plus of course lots of rain
and flooding.
Even our house here took quite a while to cool down.
Just coming in from the shops yesterday our front hallway
entrance was still containing heat that has built up over the
last few weeks. And they say that the warm weather will
return next week.

But something that frustrates many Londoners is why in 2018
we simply don't seem to have the technology to keep our London
Underground cool at the height of Summer. And the worst Tube
Line as everyone will tell you is The Central Line. In a London
heatwave the Central line is pure Hell!  Okay so I made up
the picture below, but I'm surprised travellers don't vandalize
Station signs on this Line.
And yet every other few years London Underground tell us
that they might have a solution but nothing ever comes out
of it.
Last week while travelling about on the Tube I risked a
section of the Central Line and I saw several commuters carrying
digital thermometers and taking pictures of the readings,
no doubt for their twatter and Fussbook pages.
In fact several of the pictures can be seen online.
Here's one below.

Above: Writer Simon Usbourne who's thermometer is
almost hitting the 40 degree mark. And yet that carriage
he's in looks almost empty.

Apparently when the Underground tunnels were built back
in the 19th Century there was barely any space left to create
any sort of ventilation, and perhaps even less space on The
Central line as it seems to be the most affected route.

Below: Well there are similarities between our London Shard
and The Transamerica Building in San Francisco. And

going through my photo files I've always wanted to put the
two images side by side.
The Shard image is one I took around late 2016. And The
Transamerica Building was taken recently by San Francisco
resident and photographer BIRON.

Most of the South of England's grassy areas as well as all the gardens
that I can see from my Flat window are all distinctly parched and
looking very much a straw colour due to the heatwave.
And  the warm weather seems to have affected some of our Canals.
In the above picture of the Canal in Maida Vale West London, the water
seems fairly clean and clear. But I'm told now by someone who lives near
that Canal that the water surface is completely covered by a thick green
layer of algae.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

And The Summer Rolls On!

And so our warm Summer just keeps rolling along. I think we must be into
a fifth week of our so called heatwave. Our Rivers are starting to dry up
and the North of England will be the first place for the hose pipe bans.

Above and below are some pictures of our local Pergola in Hampstead which

is looking more colourful with more roses up than I've ever seen before.
And it's in this particular spot in these pictures that seems to be attracting all
the photographers, be it for young lovers as well as professional commercial

Below are a few of our evening sunsets that seem to be showing
up almost every evening thanks to all this warm Summer weather.
I'm still hoping to take advantage of all this sunshine with a
weekend visit to our South Coast.