Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Beatles on Vinyl.

With the interest in Vinyl Records still on the rise following last year's
vinyl releases of legendary Jazz albums, the first two of which I bought
(Miles Davis and John Coltrane), well Deagostini Records have just recently
released a whole collection of the Beatles on vinyl. And the first one to be
released with a super dooper gift box with lots of info was Abbey Road,
which I managed to pick up for £9.99.

The second Beatles vinyl LP in that collection at a heftier price of £16.99 is
the Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, which by now is probably
already out and in the shops.
And what's interesting about the Sgt Pepper album is that it's going to be
mentioned a lot in the news as well as on tv and radio this week because next Thursday
on the 1st of June you'll be able to say those mortal words "It was 50 years ago today"
because Sgt Pepper was first released on June 1st 1967. So there you go, a little bit
of vinyl history. Hopefully I might still be able to pick up a copy.

Below is the short tv advert for this fine vinyl Beatles collection.

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