Thursday, 1 June 2017

The First of June!

So according to our reliable BBC weatherman, today being June 1st, it is
apparently the meteorological start of the Summer, that time that I think
we all look forward to.  It's also a time where I can now see the evening
sunsets from my side of the house. And last night's was pretty spectacular.
And oddly enough during the late evening's weather on the BBC they
showed one or two sunset pictures that the general public sent in
and one of them was almost identical to the one I took (top picture).
I guess they must have taken it roughly around the same time as me.

Further down below is a couple of early evening shots taken on
Hampstead Heath last Friday.


Below: (left) is our June Calendar guy that comes via the
'Guy Fawkes Daily' tumblr.
And next to him on the right is one of those clever gifs which
was found at 'Sh-inaam tumblr'.

Below:  That amazing Asian beauty 'Keung' from Taiwan.
I'm hoping to add one or two images of him in an Asian
post that I'm working on.


  1. I would not mind playing in the meadows. Off topic, and you being a little au fait with Asian boy bands, someone here was found murdered and dumped in a wheelie bin. Seems there may be a drug connection but he was wearing a tee shirt with the name of a Korean boy band, Big Bang. They look interesting enough.

  2. Andrew, What an odd grizzly story. I wonder if the media is using the name of Big Bang to try and identify the victim.

    But yes, B. Bang are huge in K.Pop and as well as winning some recent top U.S. Music award over the likes of Bieber, it was announced last week that they are the highest grossing money makers in the Korean music industry. I think my new K-Pop TV channel is becoming a daily addiction, what with all that Asian beauty coming into my living room every day.

    We're hearing more ramblings from Margaret Court, saying that there's too many Lesbians in Tennis. Some of the players are now talking of a boycott at possibly the next Aussie Open.

  3. I wouldn't mind having him decorating the grounds around my swimming pool. I'd be out their mowing the grass every day.
    I don't believe Dee can change channels. I think his TV is permanently fixed to the K-Pop channel.
    Margaret Court said "There is a whole plot (by gay people) in our nation and in the nations of the world today to get the minds of the children" ) quoted in The Guardian. Isn't that exactly what religion does? And how many kids turn out as bigoted as their pastors/priests? - Ian

  4. Ian, Yes I will eventually give you that link to Keung's unseen pictures. I'll be putting it into that Asian post as there are other gems at that same site I want to hold onto for now and add into that post. It's all time consuming so I wont hurry as I've been outdoors a bit more lately. June is always busy.

    Oh you're right about my new K-Pop tv channel. My recording box is almost full up.

  5. Gorgeous- and not just the boys.

  6. Thanks Vera. Trying to get some posts up. But you know how Summer can be a distraction.