Friday, 7 July 2017

Korean Billy.... Alright, Me 'Ansum.

It's around the start of each month that I like to check out all the new
online Cornwall Magazine publications. And especially at this time of
the year as the holiday season approaches and all the holiday letting
agencies start to hike up their prices.
The first online magazine I came across was Cornwall Life and they've
done an interesting item called 'Ten of the Best Cornish Seaside Places
to Stay.'
Naturally one of those places had to be top resort St Ives. And the picture
at the top of this post with that view of St Ives Bay was something I
recognized straight away. And it's the Bay view from The Pedn Olva Hotel,
an establishment that was literally built on to the edge of the granite rocks.
In the far distance you can see Hayle Towans which they like to call 'Three
Miles of Golden Sands.
And it's that side of the Bay that the sun rises each morning. And if a full Moon
just happens to be around while there, then it does look quite impressive at night,
practically illuminating the whole Bay.
Of course every time we're on or near Porthminster Beach then the Hotel on the
rocks is always going to somehow get into the picture as you can see below in a
shot I took one early evening.
So with August around the corner, Cornwall's top magazine publication
CORNWALL TODAY is probably already in production. It's the most popular
selling edition what with August being the busiest month in Cornwall. So lots of
visitors like to pick up their copy to take back home. In fact when I look at my own
collection of those magazines they all seem to be August and September issues.
They're just so keepable like collectors of Vogue and other fashion magazines.


Top picture of St Ives Bay from Pedn Olva Hotel by Dainius_Po.    

Above: Pedn Olva Hotel which can be seen at the end of
Porthminster Beach, perched out on the granite rocks.
Can you believe this guy (below). His name is Billy from South Korea with his real name
being Kong Seong-Jae. And just a little while ago he arrived in to Britain as an
exchange student, staying up in Preston. And somehow he became totally engrossed
in English culture. He became quite obsessed with all our regional County dialects then went
on to make lots of youtube videos covering all the different regional accents and
sayings, some of which even I hadn't heard of. He covers such areas that have
strong accents like NEWCASTLE with it's Geordie accent as well as LIVERPOOL with
it's Scouse accent as well as many Northern Towns and Cities. Any dialect that
sounds challenging and he'll give it a go.
You can understand a Brit taking all of this on. But the fact that he's from Asia
makes it all the more amazing. And he's appeared on endless tv shows in both
Korean tv as well as the BBC NEWS.

In the video below Billy takes on the Cornish accent, a County that even has it's
own language like the Welsh. Although I've always thought that the Wiltshire
as well as the Somerset accent is the most extreme accent in the West Country,
more so than Devon or Cornwall. And it was this particular video that was
picked up on and posted up on I LOVE CORNWALL FACEBOOK .

Alright, Me 'Ansum.




  1. Maybe next year or the year after we will get to St Ives. I have longed to since you first featured it and others have subsequently mentioned it. I am mostly ok with the Geordie accent and words, but the accent in Lancashire had me and my English born partner beat. I am sure I will find Billy's videos interesting.

  2. Andrew, I can't believe how Billy picked up all those regional accents in such a small amount of time. It's like it has been an obsession of his.
    I highlighted the Newcastle video in case you wanted to watch.
    Looking forward to St Ives in the late Summer as foreign travel has become more difficult for me recently.