Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A Sunday Stroll to The Pergola


Here's a little video I made early Sunday morning while walking around The Hill Garden
and The Hampstead Pergola.
Not quite a David Lean production as I'm only just getting to grips with the
youtube editor. But I think I need a new video camera. This video was made with
my phone and a small tripod.
Interestingly there's quite a few other youtubes out there, covering this very route
I took on Sunday. And last Sunday has been the only sunny day we've had this week.
Our Summer seems to have temporarily vanished this early August. Maybe that's
a good sign for September.

Below: A few more pictures of The Pergola taken over this last week.

Above: The Herb Garden.

I couldn't resist picking a few more Honesty seed pods while
out and about on Sunday morning.  I planted some earlier
this year and they're coming up nicely. And yet it's fascinating
looking at those concealed seeds. It's like you're looking at
frozen life. Yet once they're out of their pods and put into some
soil, then they're off and ready to burst into life.


  1. It appears to be cool and calming place.

  2. Andrew, It certainly is. And worth
    a visit all year round.

  3. Peace and tranquility amidst the greenery. A good place to pause and reflect, if not meditate. - Ian

  4. Ian, You're right there. It's a good thing there's plenty of seating
    benches along the walkways, although I cant remember ever sitting down
    there and taking it all in.
    Oh the fun that used to go on there before the reconstructions in the
    mid 1990's!!! I also did that nudie photo session there. And I've photographed
    a few friends there.

  5. Peace and tranquillity amidst the greenery. A good place to pause and blow pretty twinks.

  6. Well, a lot of that used to go on before The Pergola was refurbished and rebuilt (Nik???).

  7. Blow ? Twinks ? The Hill Garden and The Hampstead Pergola as we see here ? PLEASE allow plenty of places to sit and rest ! Nice places to sit and muse ! Sexual opportunism such a place enthuses, as comments show. [BEWARE the hungry WOODS' ELFS as well as the cashiering URBAN IMPS, yes !] NICE SHOW ! BUT ... Honesty seed pods ? NEW to this. wow. INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, with Honesty seed pods ... not a possible movie.

  8. Leo, Yes it was once a place for naughty twinks.
    Glad you liked the information about the Honesty seed pods.
    It is a beautiful place.